The Meaning Of Distributed Tongue Weight (DTW)

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The Meaning Of Distributed Tongue Weight or (DTW)?


Weigh-Safe True Tow

Weigh-Safe True Tow Hitch System

Distributed Tongue Weight, or DTW as we like to call it, is probably a term that you are not familiar with and for good reason. Prior to releasing our True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch, there wasn’t a weight distribution system on the market that could truly distribute your load or tell you the exact weight that needed to be distributed.  Current competitor product offerings certainly distribute the weight of the trailer, but have never been able to offer a conclusive measurement of the necessary weight required to distribute. Therefore, the term distributed tongue weight is new to the industry with the new Weigh Safe True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch…

This lack of true information became the motivating factor behind our determination to find a solution! For years, even decades, industry solutions for weight distribution systems have been inconclusive and unsafe, missing critical measurements to reach a true weight distribution.  Through rigorous engineering, we are now able to further revolutionize the towing industry and offer a truly complete weight distribution hitch called the True Tow!

DTW Application Tool Using a smartphone

DTW Application Tool using a smartphone

What is DTW and how is it measured using the Weigh Safe system?  Our True Tow Hitch comes with a free DTW Application Tool which is built into a smartphone or website based application which provides you with the necessary measurements for your specific trailer and tow vehicle.  The application requires you to input a few critical bits of information and measurements, such as tongue weight and gross trailer weight.   Remember that the tongue weight is already calculated on the gauge built into the tow ball head assembly.  The app then calculates and displays the exact weight of the distributed tongue weight (DTW) required to have a true weight distribution.   The DTW calculation communicates precisely how much weight the spring arms will load to in order to provide a true distribution.  This then gives the correct front axel load return to the vehicle, and is reflected in an added amount of weight to the built-in gauge, called Distributed Tongue Weight.

live adjustment screw

live adjustment screw crank

Once you have the DTW calculation, you will then use the Live Adjustment System to make the needed adjustments. The live adjustment system is an internal pivot point built into the head assembly of the hitch for easy adjustment. It allows you to reach your calculated DTW and truly distribute your load. How? All you have to do is crank the live adjustment screw until the built-in gauge reaches your calculated DTW. Once your gauge reads the required DTW, your system is truly distributed. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I must have done something wrong, there’s no way that it’s that simple”, think again; it was that easy!

Before our True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch hit the market, the towing industry did not have complete solutions for weight distribution. Now, with our hitch in the industry, you can have towing peace of mind knowing that your load is truly distributed. Why be kind of safe when you can be Weigh Safe!?

Weigh Safe Hitch Review

The Meaning Of Distributed Tongue Weight or (DTW)? –

How Does the New Weigh-Safe True Tow Work;

Distributed Tongue Weight, is the number that the Weigh-Safe, True Tow app on your phone gives you after you’ve entered trailer loaded weight and 3 measurements in the app. Then all you do is, with the boxed end wrench that comes with True Tow, tighten or loosen the lead screw on the hitch head. Doing this tightens the sway bars that you would normally do by manually lifting the spring arms and guessing the tongue weight. True Tow gives you the tongue weight and gives you a range for 10 to 15% of tongue weight. It’s scientific and accurate for safe trailering.

The lead screw is attached to a central beam under the main frame of the hitch head that is attached to the end of the spring arms. The spring arm brackets at the end of the beam sits below the weigh ball. The lead screw moves the central beam up and down putting pressure on the spring arms or relieving pressure from the spring arms. Since the weigh ball is on top of the central beam, when you crank the lead screw to lower the tongue weight the scale reads that weight. So, tightening the lead screw lowers your tongue weight. A great way to adjust the tongue weight without touching the spring arms. It’s an unique system.

Besides True Tow weighing your trailers tongue weight, making it easy to adjust tongue weight, but also has 4 points of friction for trailer sway control on the spring arms.  It doesn’t get better than this.

The phone app that comes with True Tow, stores your trailer info from hitch height to tongue weight and trailer weight. True Tow comes with a locking 2 pin for adjusting hitch height without tools.

It’s called Weight Distributing Hitch because most of your trailer tongue weight is normally on your truck’s rear axle. WDH lifts the spring arms and thus the trailer tongue, moving some of the tongue weight to your trucks front axle balancing and leveling your truck and trailer.

Weigh Safe Weight Distribution Hitch

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