Intelli-Hitch adjustable receiver hitch with built in trailer brake controller

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Intelli-Hitch adjustable receiver hitch with built in trailer brake controller

Intelli-Hitch adjustable receiver hitch with built in trailer brake controller

Intelli-Hitch adjustable receiver hitch with built in trailer brake controller

Intelli-Hitch adjustable receiver hitch with built in trailer brake controller: showing adjustable height positions.

Intelli-Hitch adjustable receiver hitch with built in trailer brake controller #650010  2 inch shank $570

2 in and 2 5/16 in balls. 9 inches of rise or fall adjustment on the shank. Plugs into your trailer plug. Automatic brake adjustment, 10,000 lb. rating.

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Review for Intelli-Hitch automatic electronic trailer brake controller

Intelli-Hitch automatic electronic trailer brake controller is all you need for towing. If your truck or SUV doesn’t have an integrated brake controller or if it doesn’t work well, the Intelli-Hitch does it all. A heavy duty steel adjustable receiver made in Texas has a built in trailer brake controller. The movement of the trailer pushing on the truck in a braking situation engages the trailer brakes. The trailer brakes will be controlled automatically. Even when backing up on a boat ramp, the truck pushing on the trailer will activate 40 percent brake when you first backup and then will be controlled by movement.

IE3intelli-hitchPowerful brakes, so easy to use, no wiring, no adjusting. Just attach to your trucks receiver hitch and plug in the hitch plug to your truck and your trailer plug to the hitch. Order now…. Free Shipping




Intelli-Hitch – Portable, Proportional Trailer Brake Controls

Intelli-Hitch interview with the winning product at the 2015 NATDA Convention

Intelli-Hitch – Portable, Proportional Trailer Brake Controls

No Noise!  “Which brake controller stops the trailer best?”

Don’t just assume or buy advertisers pitches – The Proof is on the Road – Do the test yourself. (No.. It’s not advertising – it’s from lots of tough development work.)

    • Chalk the pavement.  Testing  with a simple chalk line on the pavement (or dirt, or gravel) will show you. Mark the start of the braking, then where the rig comes to a complete stop.  We’ll challenge ANYONE to come up with a controller that stops like ours.   Do the test yourself,  be consistent & objective.  You’ll be surprised at what you see – most of the time at surprisingly less distance!   Try difference surfaces and just watch. Intelli-Hitch ramps up the brakes as long as the trailer is “pushing” the tow vehicle – no one else can do that!
    • Go for the ride – no adjustments, we don’t care about the payload weight (within ratings) because the controller adjusts (biases) for different loads, then note the total driver feel & experience in the cab – Silk Smooth braking.   No one makes a brake controller that uses the process we’ve built, having internal suspension that takes lots of the shock & vibration out of the cab.  You probably won’t feel it – that’s the point! 
    • Compare the prices – be real.  Include the controller, installation, balls & hardware, and a top-of-the-line hitch. We’ll take that challenge also!  Now move the other system and ours to an alternate vehicle & watch where your investment goes.  We’ll win this one hands-down!

 The “real meal” deal.  Buy through expensive, pretty  ad’s, old-school chit-chat, or really look at new technologies.  We’ll get beat someday also – but we just might be your best option today. Here’s why…

Intelli-Hitch incorporates our proprietary “in-hitch trailer brake control” within a sturdy trailer hitch frame, with loads of adjustment.    The Intelli-Hitch constantly monitors the movement relationship between the trailer and tow vehicle, applying the brakes as the trailer begins to “crowd” the vehicle.  Using a proprietary load-biasing algorithm (“TPS”), the trailer brakes are applied depending on the trailer weight and tow vehicle stopping characteristics.  That’s how we can claim “Intelli-Hitch – Portable, Proportional Trailer Brake Controls”.
Where surge brakes fail in reverse, the Intelli-Hitch really shines.  Our wonderful reversing algorithms in the brake control software, allow for a first in proportional braking during backing.   We even added a “hill descend assist” to help in holding the trailer steady when backing down a slope or boat ramp.
 Like conventional receiver hitches, Intelli-Hitch can be installed in just seconds, then at any time, moved to another vehicle.  Unlike any other hitch, the braking system (brake controller) is actually embedded into the hitch frame so moving the Intelli-Hitch then takes the brake controls with it.  This feature makes Intelli-Hitch the only portable comprehensive trailer brake control in the industry.
 The base Intelli-Hitch package includes the IH 2.0 receiver hitch, embedded brake controller, both 2 and 2-5/16 trailer hitch balls, hitch pins, and hitch installation instructions.   At about the same cost as a single hitch & brake controller, Intelli-Hitch greatly expands the scope of just having a “brake controller put in” – now it can be moved to about anywhere in just a few seconds.

A different look – YES! It’s a beautifully finished, robust trailer hitch package that remains with you for vehicles to come! Their product is not produced in China (look at your package details), it’s not stamped by a big machine by the billions, it’s not dipped in bargain paint.  EVERY Intelli-Hitch is hand built here – in the U.S.,  U.S. steels, marine-quality powder coatings, hand assembled & tested (in 4 complete stages), hand packaged, and hand shipped.  Order now….Free Shipping


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