Trailer Legs Axle Lifts

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Use Trailer Legs for regular inspection of  your trailer tires and get up to 50% longer life

Trailer Legs Axle Lifts

Trailer Legs Axle Lifts: This can be your most effective trailer maintenance routine. If you tow trailers, you know how much trouble trailer tires are. When parked, tires have weight on them in one spot on the tire and axle bearings all winter and the belts in steel belted trailer tires get twisted on the bottom and wait until you really need your trailer and boom, the tire face peels off.

You know folks that block their trailer tires up in the winter. But that takes time. Trailer Legs are fast, just put them against your trailer axles, drive forward and in 10 minutes you have your trailer off the ground. Then your trailer tires are round and stay that way. Your trailer bearings have the load off and if you have the EZ-Lube bearings, you can spin the tires as you pump grease in the zerk on the end of the axles.

Trailer Legs Axle Lifts

Trailer Legs Axle Lifts

With the tires off the ground, you  can inspect them, look for nails, uneven tire wear and adjust the trailer brakes. Trailer Legs have several uses, fixing trailer flats, use under trailer leveling blocks, under your trailer tongue jack and use for chocks. I’ve used them on cement floors and gravel yards. Trailer Legs wide base allow them to work on most road surfaces.  I think the majority of RV travel trailers and horse trailers set for months at a time. That’s part of the problem, creating tire dry rot. Trailer Legs can support 8000 lbs. with a set of two,  only weigh 10 lbs. for a fast set up in less than 10 minutes. I’ve used them on bumper pull trailers (conventional) and goosenecks.

Think about your trailer bearings with all that weight on one spot on the bottom of the bearings for months at a time. No more flat spots on your trailer tires where future tire blowout start. First set of tires could pay for them, but think about the important time you can save not having to prematurely replace tires and who wants to fix a tire on the way to your vacation in the rain on the side of the road.

5 year warranty, made in the USA, fast and easy to use and gives your trailer tires longer life.  ph. 888-734-8123

Trailer Legs Axle Lifts

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