SumoSprings for RV’s,trucks, SUV’s, Vans, improved ride with closed cell polyurethane

SumoSprings are SUPER for Front, Rear and Air Bag Replacement

No leaky air, no frozen air lines, no squeaky overload springs, just a better ride for your truck or RV. SumoSprings for RV’s,trucks, SUV’s, Vans, improved ride with closed cell polyurethane

For Trucks and Trailers

Now for Trailers, video coming soon

TSS-106-40: New for “spring under axle” for each trailer axle. For trailers with less room between axle and trailer frame. Best way to add a SUMO like shock absorber to control your trailer axle movement. It works well on your truck, now you trailer can have a smoother ride with less damage to your trailers suspension. $224.99 per axle, click to order

  • Sold as a pair (left and right) one axle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Reduces and absorbs vibration
  • 500 (lb) Capacity at 50% Compression
  • Reduces overall cost of ownership
  • Improves overall driver control and ride comfort
  • Compress up to 80% of original height with full memory rebound
  • Increases safety
  • progressive spring rate with superior damping properties
  • Made from patented micro-cellular urethane
  • Will not leak or rupture

TSS-106-47: New for “spring under axle” for each trailer axle. 5000 to 8500 lbs. GWWR. For trailers with less room between axle and trailer frame. Best way to add a SUMO like shock absorber to control your trailer axle movement. It works well on your truck, now you trailer can have a smoother ride with less damage to your trailers suspension. $244.99 per axle, click to order

TSS-107-40:  Popular “spring over axle” for each trailer axle. For trailers with more room between axle and trailer frame. Best way to add a SUMO like shock absorber to control your trailer axle movement. It works well on your truck, now you trailer can have a smoother ride with less damage to your trailers suspension. $203.99 per axle, click to order

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The airless bag to prevent your sag and improve your ride! For trucks with campers, trailers, commercial bodies and all other loads.

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Responding to customer requests and feedback was the motivation for producing the world’s first and only “airless airbag” suspension system for trucks and vans –SumoSprings.

SumoSprings-Rear SumoSprings are manufactured from an advanced high grade, closed cell polyurethane foam; ideal for the tough truck underbody environment. The product underwent testing in extreme conditions ranging from blistering US desert summer days to the frigid Canadian winter nights. Combining heavy loads with extreme terrain and temperature conditions over eighteen months of testing ensures their performance in any similar conditions our customers might encounter.

  • Highest Quality Polyurethane Available Delivering Unsurpassed Dynamic Performance
  • High Compression Rate with Full Memory Rebound
  • Compressible up to 70% of their Original Height Making them Ideal for High Dynamic Loading Versus the Typical 20% Compression for Material used by Other Manufacturers
  • Extremely Durable Material with Excellent Abrasion, Cut Resistance and Low temperature Flexibility
  • Engineered Surface Profile Provides Minimal Transverse Expansion – Unlike an Air Inflated Product which Expands Laterally when Compressed, the SumoSprings Compresses in on Itself when Under Load
  • Leak Proof, Rupture Proof, Maintenance Free Load Support
  • Capable of Supporting Loads from 3,000 to 10,0000 lbs. – Load Rating is per Pair – Never Exceed Your Vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
  • These Variable Rate Springs Provide Better Handling and Stabilization for Slide-In Campers, Trailer Towing and Commercial Applications
  • Bonded to both the top and Bottom Mounting Plates so they Enhance the Vehicle Suspension whether Riding Empty or Carrying the Maximum Load
  • Supplied with No-Drill Steel Brackets and Mounting Hardware for a Quick, Easy Installation


SumoSprings Schematic SumoSprings are manufactured in a propriety multi-stage hot casting process resulting in a unique closed cell microcellular foam with the following characteristics:

1. Minimal expansion under loading, will work in confined spaces.

2. Compressible to 70% and extendable to 30% of its unloaded height with full memory rebound

3. Excellent abrasion resistance, highly resilient to oils, salts and UV rays.

4. No possibility of a system failure due to leaking air, No air lines or compressors.

5. Closed cell foam wont rupture and can be punctured without loss of performance

6. Indifferent to weather extremes, can handle temperatures ranging from – 40 degrees to + 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


SumoSprings Photo Installed SumoSprings offer the following benefits to our customers:

1. Zero maintenance required ever.

2. This aligns with our company motto of “fit it and forget it” for each of our products

3. The microcellular foam material delivers a progressive, cushioned load engagement producing a smooth, comfortable ride for the driver.

4. SumoSprings kits have all been designed to be “no-drill” installation.

5. All kits ship fully assembled in the box to facilitate a quick, easy, bolt-on installation.

6. Levels your load and maintains front end alignment for safer driving.

7. Reduces sag, bounce, sway and bottoming out.

8. All proudly made in the USA.


From listening to our customers’ feedback, SuperSprings International engineers designed the SumoSprings air spring to fit most competitors existing airbag bracket systems with very little or no modification required at all. If you need to replace your damaged or leaking airbags contact SuperSprings for your leak-proof, maintenance free alternative. Replacement air bag SumoSprings below.

Simply “Fit and forget “your SumoSprings today.

Rear SumoSprings> Fit Chart, Front below

Make Year Part #
Pick Up Truck MrTruck Prices
F250/F350 SUPER DUTY (2×4 & 4×4) – No 5th wheel 1999-2010 SSR-101  $489.99
   F250/F350 SUPER DUTY (2×4 & 4×4) – No 5th wheel 2011 SSR-103  $589.50
   F250/F350 SUPER DUTY (2×4 & 4×4) – with 5th wheel 1999-2010 SSR-102  $589.50
2020 Ford F250 4×4 2020 SSR-127-54 $305.99
  Ford F-53 Class A Motor Home (16K-22K GVWR) 1999-2009 SSR-180-54-1 Maxim $639.99
Ford F-53 Class A Motor Home (16K-22K GVWR)


(Ford Transit) 2020



350 Front Sumo Springs



350 Rear Sumo Springs, Single rear wheel

SSR-183-54-1 Maxim  $637.99

CSS-1195 $173.99 Retail 10% off Code JourneyBetter $156.59

SSR-121-54 $275.99 Retail

10% off Code JourneyBetter


  (Excludes Thor models)
  2500 Suburban, 2500 Yukon 2000-2010 SSR-202  $203.99
Pick Up Truck
   2500 SIERRA, SILVERADO, 2500HD (2×4 & 4×4) 2001-2010 SSR-201  $489.99
   3500 SIERRA, SILVERADO, 3500HD (2×4 & 4×4) 2001-2010 SSR-201  $489.99
New 3500 SIERRA, SILVERADO, 3500HD (2×4 & 4×4) 2020 plus SSR-203-40-2 $489.99
Workhorse W20, W22, W24 Class A Motor Home 2001-2009 SSR-280  $637.99
Pick Up Truck
   RAM 2500 (2×4 & 4×4) RAM 3500 (2×4 & 4×4) 2002-2011 SSR-301  $489.99
JK WRANGLER 2007-2010 SSR-401  $189.99

Both single and dual rear wheel trucks

Do not exceed GVWR

Front SumoSprings

For trucks with snow plows, winches and other front-mounted accessories.

Product Description

SumoSprings - Front Drawing All SumoSprings utilize patented micro-cellular polyurethane foam formulated with exclusive additives. The resulting combination of exclusive raw material and engineering design produces a graduated spring rate curve which results in progressive compression under load and variable road conditions. This produces a smooth ride and provides additional load support.

Features & Benefits

Manufactured in a proprietary casting process the finished material possesses the following properties:

• The highest quality polyurethane available delivering unsurpassed dynamic performance.

• High compression rate with full memory rebound.

Front Sumo Springs

SumoSprings are compressible up to 70% of their original height making them ideal for high dynamic loading versus the typical 20% compression for material used by other manufacturers

• Specifically designed and formulated for the tough truck underbody environment

• Extremely durable material with excellent abrasion, cut resistance and low temperature flexibility.

• Engineered surface profile provides minimal transverse expansion – unlike an air inflated product which expands laterally when compressed, the SumoSprings compresses in on itself when under load.

• Patent pending

Front SumoSprings – permits a far smoother load engagement than other products. More than a mere bump stop, this variable rate spring with load capacities of up to 3,000 pounds* eliminates the unforgiving “banging” effect produced by similar front-mounted products. Front SumoSprings are ideal for snow plow, winch and heavy duty replacement bumper applications. They will maintain the original factory ride and only provide additional support when needed. The kits ship complete with all mounting hardware required for a quick, easy installation – typically less than 30 minutes.

All SumoSprings kits are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

*Load rating is per pair – Never exceed your vehicle Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

Front SumoSprings > Fit Chart

Make Year 2×4 4×4
Pick Up Truck MrTruck Prices
   F250 / F350 SUPER DUTY 1999-2004 SSF-101  $188.99 SSF-103  $188.99
   F250 / F350 SUPER DUTY 2005-2010 SSF-101  $188.99 SSF-102  $188.99
Cab & Chassis
   F350 SUPER DUTY 1999-2004 SSF-101  $188.99 SSF-103  $188.99
   F350 SUPER DUTY 2005-2010 SSF-101  $188.99 SSF-102  $188.99
F 53 Class A Motor Home (16k-22K GVWR) 2008-2016 SSF-183-40-1  $611.99 Full Kit Maxim
Pick Up Truck
   1500 HD SIERRA, SILVERADO, DENALI 1999-2006 SSF-201  $152.99
   1500 HD SIERRA, SILVERADO including Classic 2001-2010 SSF-201  $152.99 SSF-201  $152.99
   SUBURBAN, YUKON XL 2500 2000-2010 SSF-201  $152.99 SSF-201  $152.99
   2500 SIERRA, SILVERADO, 2500HD 1999-2010 SSF-201  $152.99 SSF-201  $152.99
   2500 AVALANCHE 2002-2006 SSF-201  $152.99 SSF-201  $152.99
   3500 SIERRA, SILVERADO, 3500HD 2001-2010 SSF-201  $152.99 SSF-201  $152.99
Cab & Chassis
   3500 SIERRA, SILVERADO Single rear wheel 2006-2010 SSF-201  $152.99 SSF-201  $152.99
   3500 HD 2007-2010 SSF-201  $152.99 SSF-201  $152.99
Workhorse W20, W22, W24 Class A Motor Home 2001-2009 SSF-203.99
Pick Up Truck
   RAM 2500 1994-2002 SSF-302  $178.99
   RAM 2500 2002-2010 SSF-301  $178.99 SSF-302  $178.99
   RAM 3500 1994-2010 SSF-301  $178.99 SSF-302  $178.99
Cab & Chassis
   RAM 3500 1994-2010 SSF-301  $178.99 SSF-302  $178.99
   JK WRANGLER 2007-2010 SSF-401  $150.99

Do not exceed GVWR

Rear SumoSprings > Airbag Replacements

Leaking Airbags?

Eliminate leaking airbags by installing replacement SumoSprings bellows that are LEAK PROOF, MAINTENANCE FREE and provide you ‘fit it and forget it’ peace of mind. SumoSprings

SumoSprings SumoSprings rear suspension systems consist of two primary components; the steel bracket attachment system and the microcellular foam airsprings, airbags or bellows (photo).

SumoSprings bellows are the world’s first and only maintenance-free, leak-proof airbags.  Additionally, they have been designed to fit existing competitive airbag bracket systems as replacements for ruptured or leaking airbags.

The SumoSprings bellows are manufactured from patented microcellular polyurethane foam. The combination of raw materials and engineering design produces a smooth ride; provides additional load support; is LEAK PROOF and completely MAINTENANCE FREE.

The SumoSprings bellow top plate has a 4-hole drilling pattern which aligns perfectly with the top bracket of all the Firestone™ and Airlift™ airbag systems cross referenced below. The SumoSprings bottom plate has a centered, single hole. Where this does not correspond with the existing lower bracket system a single 7/16” diameter hole will need to be drilled to complete the installation. (See notes)  Bolts are supplied with the SumoSprings bellows for attachment to the existing bracket system.

Firestone™ / SumoSprings / Airlift™ cross reference sheet.

The SumoSprings will replace all the Firestone (Ride-Rite) and Airlift air spring item numbers listed below with little or no adjustment required. (See notes) Kit numbers are listed to more easily cross reference the appropriate air spring number.

Rear Kit
Air Spring
Note Item
Rear Kit
Air Spring
2025 6781 SSR-050 57105 50284 1
2029 6859 1 SSR-050 57125 50284 1
2032 6859 1 SSR-050 57131 50201 1
2040 6873 SSR-050 57202 50201 1
2061 6764 1 SSR-050 57203 50284 1
2065 6859 1 SSR-050 57208 50201 1
2071 6781 SSR-050 57212 50201 1
2080 0335 1 SSR-050 57215 50201 1
2085 0335 1 SSR-050 57216 50201 1
2101 6781 SSR-050 57217 50201 1
2109 6781 SSR-050 57219 50201 1
2116 6781 SSR-050 57221 50201 1
2153 6781 SSR-050 57224 50201 1
2173 6762 SSR-050 57242 50251 1
2176 6781 SSR-050 57250 50201 1
2190 6781 SSR-050 57237 50201 1
2213 6762 SSR-050 57291 50201 1
2220 6781 SSR-050 57298 50201 1
2249 6781 SSR-050 57340 50251 1
2250 6781 SSR-050 57345 50229 1
2251 6781 SSR-050 57347 50201 1
2253 6781 SSR-050 57394 50201 1
2255 6781 SSR-050
2264 6781 SSR-050
2286 6781 SSR-050
2299 6401 1 SSR-050
2304 6781 SSR-050
2330 6401 1 SSR-050
2350 6397 1 SSR-050
2355 6781 SSR-050
2361 6397 1 SSR-050
2362 6781 SSR-050
2377 6397 1 SSR-050
2382 6781 SSR-050
2384 6397 1 SSR-050
2398 6401 1 SSR-050
2400 6401 1 SSR-050
2403 6766 2 SSR-050
2404 7325 1 SSR-050
2407 6397 1 SSR-050
2425 6781 SSR-050
2430 6397 1 SSR-050
2442 7325 1 SSR-050
2445 6397 1 SSR-050
2446 7701 1-2 SSR-050
2447 6397 1 SSR-050
2450 6401 1 SSR-050
2452 6781 SSR-050
2455 6781 SSR-050
2458 6397 1 SSR-050
2460 6781 SSR-050
2478 6781 SSR-050
2484 6781 SSR-050

Original Firestone™ and Airlift™ applications have two 3/8-16” tapped holes in the bottom bracket plate.  Drill one 7/6” diameter hole in the center of this lower plate to accommodate the SumoSprings bellow.

Note 2:
Use the 3/8-16” set screw and fender washer in one of the upper plate holes to prevent rotation.

SumoSprings Replacement Airspring Item #:  SSR-050  $322 retail  MrTruck price: $290 Click to order

Heavy Duty #:  SSR-080  $355 retail  MrTruck price: $320 Click to order

SumoSprings > Limited Warranty

Printable Version Your SuperSprings™ product is covered by the Limited Warranty explained below that gives you specific legal rights. This Limited Warranty is the only warranty made in connection with your suspension stabilizer, SumoSprings. SuperSprings™ neither assumes nor authorizes any vendor, retailer or other person or entity to assume for it any other obligation or liability in connection with this product or Limited Warranty.What is Covered?Subject to the terms, exclusions and limitations herein, SuperSprings International, Inc. Warrants to the initial retail or fleet purchaser only that its SumoSprings suspension stabilizer shall be free of defects in material and workmanship for:

Two (2) years

This Limited Warranty extends only to the initial retail or fleet purchaser with respect to use upon the vehicle the SuperSprings™ product is first installed. The term of Limited Warranty shall be measured from the date of purchase. SuperSprings™ reserves the rights to: (a.) require claimant’s proof of purchase as a condition of this Limited Warranty, (b.) make future revisions to its Limited Warranty without prior notice. ALL OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED.

What is Not Covered?

Your Limited Warranty does not cover any damage arising or related to any vehicle, product, or component combination other than the SumoSprings suspension stabilizer. Your SuperSprings™ Limited Warranty further does not cover vehicles, products or components supplied by us or others that SuperSprings International, Inc determines to have been damaged by or subjected to:

– Vehicle use in excess of GVWR combined vehicle weights/ tow ratings or other OEM design specifications or limitations.
– Normal wear and tear, deterioration of spring shape or rating, alteration or failure to maintain. – Scratches or defects in product finishes (powder coating, paint, etc.) or damage due to shipping.
– Misuse, including products used other than as recommended in the current SumoSprings application guide or the instructions.
– Racing or other vehicle competitions or contests. Accidents, impact by rocks, trees, obstacles or other aspects of the environment.

Remedy Limited to Repair / Replacement.

The exclusive remedy provided hereunder shall, upon SuperSprings Internationals’ inspection and option, be either repair or replacement of product or parts covered under this Limited Warranty. Customers requesting warranty consideration should first contact the independent distributor from whom you purchased your SumoSprings to obtain a Returned Goods Authorization number. All removal, shipping and installation costs are customer’s responsibility. If a replacement part is needed before yours can be returned, you must first purchase the replacement part. Then, if SuperSprings™ deems your part warrantable, you will be credited the purchase price. Your warrantor is SuperSprings International, Inc.If you are unable to submit a warranty claim through your distributor contact SuperSprings™ customer service at 800-898-0705 or the address indicated below.

Other Limitations – Exclusion of Damages – Your Rights under State Law

In consideration of the purchase price paid, neither SuperSprings International, Inc. or any independent SuperSprings™ distributor are responsible for any installation or removal costs, time loss, rental costs, or for any incidental, consequential, punitive or other damages you or third parties may incur in connection with any product purchased. Your exclusive remedy hereunder for covered parts is repair/replacement as described above.

This Limited Warranty gives you specific rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state. For example, while all implied warranties are disclaimed herein, any implied warranty required by law is limited to the terms of Limited Warranty described above. Some states do not allow limitations of how long an implied warranty lasts and /or do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations and exclusions herein may not apply to you.

©SuperSprings Int., Inc. 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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