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Summit Hauler towing Cimarron at Red Rocks

Andrew Lyons, Transwest“We’re here to answer those tough horse trailer, commercial & RV trailer questions, save you money, & review new trailers, accessories & hauler trucks.”  Andrew Lyons, Horse trailers and trailer towing accessory reviews and sales. Transwest H. Kent Sundling 303-883-1300. Reviewing Trailers and Trailering Accessories.

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My New Truck-Trailer Book is out: Find out the answers to your tough truck decisions, a guideline to truck choices, new or used, diesel or gas, what trailers can you tow, teenage driving safety and much much more.  Click to order now at Barnes and Noble, Independent Book Stores and Amazon. More on the book:

2019 GMC 1500 new tailgateChevy Silverado first drive was in Jackson Hole Wyo. followed by GMC Sierra first drive in Newfoundland Canada. Big year for changes. Next year we’ll see new heavy duty trucks, my guess is we’ll see them first at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Yes truck prices are going up. There is so much safety equipment on trucks, you would have to try hard to get in an accident, that and all the pollution controls drives up new truck prices. Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra stand apart more with more recognizable individual features than I remember in past years.  More story….

Eagle Hydraulic with Super Conductor battery replacement2018 NATDA trailer convention cool product video’s from Indiana

New awesome trailer products shown at the NATDA 11th year trailer conventions. Eagle Hydraulic has Super Capacitor to replace your battery on dump trailers as well as pumps and cylinders. Gen-Y Hitch as a new quieter adjustable hitch and Load-Trail has new trailers for 2019.

2019 GMC 1500, CanadaAuthentic Off-road Capability 
Sierra AT4 comes standard with a factory installed 2-inch suspension lift that provides additional ground clearance and four-wheel drive with a two-speed transfer case.

Sierra AT4 also includes standard off-road tuned Rancho monotube shock absorbers, a locking rear differential and Hill Descent Control, a driver assistance feature that leverages the anti-lock braking system to enable smooth, controlled descents on steep grades without the driver having to touch the brake pedal under certain conditions. The locking rear differential directs engine power equally to both rear wheels for the greatest traction on slippery or uneven terrain. More….

2017 Ford F250 at Cimarron horse trailer factory

Cimarron aluminum horse and show animal trailer factory review

air ride for horse trailers, TranswestHorse Trailer Air Ride: I spent a day with Transwest Truck Trailer RV near Fredrick testing their air suspension on a Cimarron  horse trailer. This was a certified test with an engineer riding in the trailer using a laptop wired to a motion detector that reads 4 axis from the center of the trailer floor. I used 4 camera’s to record the action. 75 mph on I-25 finding all the bridge seams had me bouncing off the floor trying to hold a video camera watching the 3 quarter horses brace themselves in their stalls. We’ll have all the data from the tests in….. More…

new 2018 F150 new engine, 10-speed transmissionFord F150 2018 Introduced in Detroit:

I just got use to the Ford F150 for 2017 with the new second generation Eco Boost 3.5L twin turbo with more power, dual injection and 10-speed auto tranny. But Ford flew me to Detroit to take a peak at the 2018 F150.  Course it will be on sale this fall, but January seamed early to be looking at 2018. It was a embargoed news release and I was lucky enough to get to video an interview with the new Ford Truck group Marketing Manager, Todd Eckert. More…confirming that a hybrid F150 is

Trailer Accessory Reviews, it’s the Cool stuff we use every day testing new trucks

Boar Tire and Wheel trailer tiresTrailer tires are the #1 problem on trailers. Of course we work on trailer wiring and wheel bearings too, but nothing costs as much in money and time than trailer tire blowouts. We have 6 test trailers. Just one of the trailers had 5 blowouts in a year. Not from overloading or heat like you’d expect. Trailer tires with tall side walls can flex more and create heat. Turning corners can make trailer tires flex and weaken along with just crappy trailer tires sitting all winter and the steel cords separating. In comes Boar Wheel and Tire with commercial trailer tires. They use 19.5 in wheels that are low profile side wall 14, 16 and 18 ply tires. But they fit where your 16 in  tires do now so you don’t have to switch to bigger axles, bigger wheel studs and wheels or buy a new trailer.  For the complete story, click….

Tuson RV Brakes trailer tire pressure monitor system

Tuson TTuson RV Brakes trailer tire pressure monitor system for heat and pressurerailer Tire Pressure and Heat Monitor: Trailer tires are the bane of my existence.  In the last couple of years, I’ve had 5 trailer blowouts. And each time I had bent trailer fenders, broke clearance lights and demolished license plates along with expensive trailer tires.   I found the solution, with tire pressure units inside the tires out of the way,  a wireless receiver monitor in the truck cab. I can use it with any truck or SUV, I trailer with.  Just unplug the cord from the cigarette lighter and put it in the next truck. It’s very hard to find a tire pressure monitor system that goes above 80 psi. Tuson goes to 203 psi,  And it also shows the internal tire heat. Just like racing at  Indianapolis 500, you can know the tire temperature and pressure in real time. For the whole story click….

Geny Torsion Gooseneck coupler like torsion axlesNew from Gen-Y Hitch, Gooseneck Torsion Suspension Coupler 4 in. Round & Square. Now you can isolate your gooseneck trailer bounce from your trucks bounce. Improve your ride, with Rubber Torsion Hitches only 10% of the trailer inertia transfers compared to 100% using a hard connection hitch giving you the ultimate control. Greatly increased braking control since all the weight on the tow vehicle and trailer is distributed evenly giving you increased positive contact when breaking and maneuvering.  Read More…

Geny Torsion Receiver hitch coupler like torsion axlesNew Gen-Y Torsion Flex receiver hitch (bumper pull) that cushions the ride, separating the movement of the truck and trailer. Works like a torsion axle with rubber tubes surrounding the square axle. No air bags, improves your truck ride and improves trailer ride.


DirecLink trailer brake controller Finally ABS brakes for trailers !Fast, smooth and safer than any brake system we’ve tried. We took our test Tuson horse trailer ABS brakestrailer to the race track, smoked the brakes, burnt the seals and proved how dramatically superior hydraulic disc rotors, electric-hydraulic actuators, ABS modules and a trailer brake controller that networks with your trucks computer can be. Electric brake drums didn’t stand a chance in our side by side comparison. A big step toward safer trailering on our crowded highways and unpredictable weather patterns. Share this detailed report about the difference ABS trailer brakes can make.

Tuson Trailer Sway ControlIncredible Tuson Trailer Sway Control, the folks with trailer ABS, now have a module that controls sway on bumper pull trailers. It will actually steer the trailer left and right to keep the trailer towing straight. It complements modern pickup trucks trailer sway control but works better. If you have a sudden gust of wind, get cut off on a freeway or have your trailer load shift, Tuson Sway Control will keep the trailer towing straight. The module can read how worn your trailer brakes are and how big your trailer is and use your trailer brakes accordingly. Tuson can read between a big trailer movement and a lane change making the right amount of trailer control.

Geny adjustable truck receiver coupler

Geny adjustable truck torsion receiver couplerGen-Y Hitch heavy duty adjustable drawbar for today’s powerful trailering trucks: One company that has kept up with new heavy-duty trucks is Gen-Y Hitch. (// These steel adjustable, multi-ball, multi-height, pintle, weight distributing hitch is the highest trailer rated hitch I’ve seen. I own 8 adjustable receiver hitches, (sometimes we test 12 trucks at a time.) My highest rated hitch was 14,000 lbs. The one I’m using from Gen-Y Hitch is rated for a 16,000 lb. trailer with a 2 inch shank. For Class V receiver, 2.5 inch shank, trailer rating goes up to 20,000 lbs. Use to be you had to go to a pintle hitch to get a rating of 20k lbs. This rating is on a 2 5/16 inch ball. Newest hitch is the Torsion Flex Hitch that isolates how your trailer bounces verses your truck for a smoother ride.  Read the review….

Andersen Ultimate 5th wheel to gooseneck Connection Review Andersen Ultimate 5th wheel Connection Review in a collaboration between and Big Truck Big RV. Install and test of converting a mini 5th wheel to a gooseneck connection at the same height as a 5th wheel in the truck bed.


Centramatic onboard Automatic tire balancersTrailer tires need to be balanced, all tires need balancing.  If you want longer trailer tire life, Centramatic can automatically balance your trailer tires as you drive. Stop tire cupping, vibration and premature wear on those expensive truck, RV & trailer tires. Centramatic automatic wheel balancers have been saving money on tires for semi-trucks for over thirty years. Now you can automatically balance your tires, wheels, hub and rotors or drums while you drive. A balanced tire doesn’t cub, vibrates less & lowers the tire sidewall temperature from less flexing, giving you longer tire life. Made in the USA More…

Boar WBoar Tire and wheel for trailersheel and Tire to the rescue: 19.5 inch 14 ply tires, that fit trailers where 16 inch wheels are common. Longer life tires, less flexing turning corners. Commercial tires and wheels for an easy upgrade. (


 Jack-E-Up saves your jack, liftgate and tailgate Jack-E-Up saves your jack and tailgate.  New innovations for trailer jacks. It takes the jack out of the way. After the trailer is attached, it quickly allows the jack to come out and stay out of the way from tailgates, SUV hatchbacks and truck campers.


trailer accessories review Trailer Accessories Reviewed: Andersen jacks and blocks are reviewed as well as Fastway and Ultra-Fab jacks. Accessories are a big part of fun and easy RVing.



Chevy Silverado 2500 midnight editionFirst look just makes you want one. Midnight Edition stands out in so many ways. All Black with some chrome in the grill. Black bumpers, black wheels, even a black “bow tie” on the hood, Chevy’s trade mark. The interior was called Jet Black. This truck was a Z71 heavy duty 2500 long bed, haven’t seen one for a long time. In old times when I was young, most truck were long beds. Now the “standard bed” is a short bed. The Review…..


GMC Canyon diesel reviewAnother New Diesel Truck Changes a Segment. We waited a long time for light duty diesels, now GM midsize trucks are the latest converts to compression ignition engines. And they are selling like hotcakes. The media truck that showed up in my back yard is a 2016 GMC Canyon, badged as a Duramax diesel. Not sure it’s related to the Duramax as it’s made in Thailand as a GM world diesel available in GM vehicles around the world. This 2.8L 4 cylinder diesel puts out 181 horsepower and 369 torque. Read the Review….

Cimarron cimarron horse trailer reviewPremium Trailer Review, 10 Years to the Top;
Even in the current recession, Cicimarron horse trailer factory review marron Trailers is improving, expanding and zeroing in on efficiency. The factory is staying the same size, but putting out 25% more trailers. There is a handful of aluminum trailer manufactures at the top in premium trailers. None surpasses Cimarron current models. The top trailers need smart engineering, custom doors and windows, top components, strong beautiful welds etc. The result is quality uniformity on all trailers from roof to axles. Where else would you build horse trailers, but the heart of More…

Logan Coach horse trailer factory reviewLogan Coach horse trailer floorThe New Logan Coach; an efficient leaner Logan sticks to what they do best, galvanized steel frames, aluminum skin and good looking value. Call it the resale value trailer. Bottom line, “beauty of aluminum and strength of steel.” One of the few composite trailer brands that can go head to head with high end aluminum trailers for longevity. Always improving and keeping it’s roots with galvanized Flo-Coat steel frame coated with Vortex, more..


Load-Trail flatbed gooseneck trailer with hydraulic dove tailLoad Max by Load Trail review: When Ram announced that its 2013 3500 dualie pickups would have a 30,000-pound maximum towing capacity, the truck wars (especially the heavy-duty truck wars) were reinvigorated. Likewise, the 30,000-pound capacity ignited another race, this time among trailer manufacturers who now need higher-capacity trailers. A few companies were making large gooseneck trailers for the “hotshot” hauler crowd, but, for the most part, this is new territory for them. More….

Auto Flex and Trailer Flex video featuring Trailer Flex on a Load Trail gooseneck and 5th-wheel RV trailer with Trailer Life magazine

GM and Navistar Reach Commercial Vehicle Agreement. GM returns with 4500 and 5500 trucks for 2018.

 DETROIT and LISLE, Ill. – General Motors Co. and Navistar have reached a long-term agreement to develop and assemble future medium-duty, conventional cab Class 4/5 commercial vehicles, allowing Navistar to strengthen its product lineup and GM to expand its Chevrolet commercial truck portfolio. More…..

cq5dam.web.1280.1280GMC Canyon Expands Capability with New Duramax Diesel

All-new turbo-diesel power train, 7,700-lb. trailering capability. Power is SAE-certified at 181 horsepower (135 kW) at 3,400 rpm and 369 lb-ft of torque at 2,000 rpm.  The Canyon’s integrated, driver-selectable exhaust brake system is based on the system introduced on the 2015 Sierra HD models and uses the compression power of the 2.8L Duramax engine to improve vehicle control and reduce brake pad wear.  The report….

New Truck Videos

Hyndsight Trailer Wire free Cameras

MrTruck Truck and Trailer Tips part one teams up with to demonstrate trailer wheel bearing maintainence.

Weigh-Safe trailer adjustable receiver hitch scale


Weigh-Safe: Do you know your trailer tongue weight, asks the judge. On a bumper pull trailer, if you have too little tongue weight, the trailer can sway and be dangerous. Some trailer have their axles too close to the middle and are susceptible to sway anyway. If you have too much trailer tongue weight, your truck or SUV will squat excessively, aim your headlights to the stars and stress your trucks rear axle, brakes and suspension. What you need to know….


GMC Yukon review15-Denali-1500

GMC Denali Yukon and 1500 take Bling, Bling to a new level: Both the Denali SUV and truck have the 6.2 L V-8 Ecotec3 from Corvette heritage with 420 horsepower and 460 torque. The new for 2015 8 speed Hydra-Matic 8L90 auto tranny brings out the power of the V-8. Yukon XL Denali tows it’s 7900 lb trailer capacity very well. Sierra Denali equipped right can tow 12,000 lbs.  More….


Behind the scenes with the largest truck comparison by // . We had a dozen 1/2 ton’s for the largest truck comparison. We  climbed mountains, raced on a track, towed trailers, tested at Davis Dam towing Logan Coach trailers from Imperial Trailers in Mesa AZ. We used Weigh-Safe aluminum adjustable receiver hitch scale, and Intelli-Hitch adjustable receiver hitch that doubled as an electronic surge trailer brake. from provided us the car trailer I hauled the water totes to Arizona to use as weight in the Logan trailers.

GM Colorado-Canyon first driveColorado and Canyon 2015 first drive part 2, amazing off-road and traileringHD (// Colorado and Canyon Part Two 2015 first drive towing trailers and off-roading is impressive for a mid-size. Luxury trucks with full size room. Driving the new Colorado and Canyon near San Diego was surprising with plenty of room and comfort. A new standard for connectivity.


HD2015GMGM Gears Up For More Truck Wars 2015: The 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 maintains a 12,000-pound maximum trailering rating under SAE J2807. Chevrolet and GMC have confirmed a new eight-speed automatic transmission will be standard on 2015 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra models equipped with the 6.2L EcoTec3 V-8.First year for the integrated trailer brake controller for electric over hydraulic brakes. Quieter again with the Duramax diesel. They’ve always been quiet going back to 2001 birth, but now….  More….


AutoFlexAuto Flex leaf spring replacement with air suspension has a complete pickup truck leaf spring replacement with an air suspension. It bolts on the same place as the factory leaf springs. Self levels, improves ride, braking, steering and handling. Comes with compressor, tank, dump valve and tap for using onboard air for your tires etc. Also a complete trailer air suspension.AutoFlex Review

E-Z Connector trailer replacement plugNew features with EZ-Connector;they’ve always come with dummy plugs to keep the connector ends clean and give you somewhere to store your trailer plug. Well now the female end comes with a self-closing door instead of a dummy plug and the storage end for the male plug has a self-closing door. The truck end (female plug) door has an over size O-ring to keep the connector pins clean. It also has metal embedded in the door for the earth magnet to draw the…… Learn more…


Centramatic onboard automatic tire balancing Stop tire cupping, vibration and premature wear on those expensive truck, RV & trailer tires. Centramatic automatic wheel balancers have been saving money on tires for semi-trucks for over twenty years. Now you can automatically balance your tires, wheels, hub and rotors or drums while you drive. A balanced tire doesn’t cub, vibrates less & lowers the tire sidewall temperature from less flexing, giving you longer tire life. 5 year warranty, made in the USA. More

Cowboy shower for horse trailer


DIY Cowboy Shower or …. Hot Magic: The magic is LP gas and battery power.  A dirty, grumpy cowboy or glistening, stinking horsewoman is transformed after a hot shower to pleasant camp companions. Yet, miles and hours of trails separate the hot shower from those in need.  Some fortunate folks have a full LQ horse trailer.  A quick hot shower is available in a cramped compartment sometimes masquerading as a potty.   The operative word is quick.  Most RV style water heaters are limited to 5 gallons.   Cowboy showers may be warm or cold water…Read More


Cimarron horse trailer integrated hay podCimarron Integrated Hay Pod and Reverse Load LQ, and air suspension has got to be the cats meow! Transwest has the ultimate horse trailer from Cimarron Trailers. You know the reverse slant load in a sudden stop lets the horses thigh brace on the wall instead of their neck. And going down the road, your horses heads are looking at the fields and houses past the right lane instead of the 18-wheeler and Harley’s in the left lane. Then the full width of the rear of the trailer can be all tack room. The built in hay pod seals out the weather to protect your expensive More…..

Equalizer hydraulic jack manual handleEqualizer Systems hydraulic horse trailer jack for smooth power.  Equalizer Systems Jacks, you see them everywhere. Over 70% of horse trailer manufactures equip their trailers with them. So service and parts are easy to get with the largest trailer dealer network.Twenty years ago, Equalizer introduced hydraulic jacks to the horse industry. Horse trailer manufactures use them because they are dependable and easy to work on. With a manual backup hand pump, Equalizer jacks will always do their job…the review

Standing out from the crowd to maintain product quality and customer service is what has made this company successful for the last 30 years. Transwest only carry premium lines of products: Cimarron and Logan Coach horse trailers, Outlaw Conversions & Summit Haulers. Also used hauler trucks for towing the big trailers. With a 22 bay service shop open until midnight, Transwest is franchised for GMC, Freightliner and Western Star. For RV Coaches equipped to tow trailers, Transwest sells American Coach, Prevost, Itasca and Renegade. More…

Transwest Summit Hauler trucksHurt locker truck comparisonDo you need a one ton or a two ton? One class wins acceleration, the other wins braking; Starting in 2011, the big three raised the GCWR from 26,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs on 1 ton dually pickup trucks. That’s CDL territory, GM quit making C4500-7500. So they need to rate their 3500 high enough to compete. But Ram and Ford aren’t going to just set in the sidelines.

Each new model pickup truck year has an increase in towing capacity. What is the limit? Truck manufactures don’t know, they work off demand. The new SAE trailer towing standards that start in 2013 will help, but at some point with 20,000 lb plus trailers, you are going to need a heavy truck with big brakes. More…

New Truck Repair Technology comes to Horse Trailers

Transwest specialty truck and repair shop in ColoradoIf you follow my articles, you know how big a fan of new technology I am. At the new Transwest Truck Trailer RV facility, is an awesome machine called a Road Simulator. Looks kind of like a dyno, but does use rollers to test brakes rolling resistance and balance. Transwest uses it to test all their new horse trailers so they are ready for your roads. It can find just a torn axle seal leaking on the brakes. It would surprise you how many “new axles” on new trailers are over greased, limiting your trailer brakes ability. With the kind of traffic we pull trailers in, testing brakes becomes routine. And worn suspension maybe be causing your rig to.More…. 

Cimarron Horse Trailer Top to Bottom review with MrTruck Interview with Ben Janssen of Cimmaron Trailers

Cimarron 2 Red Logo2014Transwest Truck Trailer RV, selling  Cimarron and Logan horse trailers. Whether you are new to horse trailers & need some extra help or you’re a veteran and want the best trailers, you owe it to yourself to visit Andrew Lyons and his crew of horse folks. Buy your horse trailer & truck together or separate and get the right advice on matching your needs the first time.

Huge Inventory Clearance Sale at Transwest Truck Trailer RV 800-909-7071

New & Used Trailers–Trucks made for Towing–Trailer Repair & Upgrade–Truck Performance Products. Read more about where MrTruck asks trailer questions. Call Andrew Lyons 1-800-909-7071 email

Gander Lock gooseneck trailer lockGanderLock, when you’re serious about Protecting your Gooseneck Trailer and TackProtect your trailer as well as your expensive saddles, bridles, tools and flat screen TV.Goosenecks are different from bumper pulls, if you just lock the coupler, the thief’s loosen the set bolts, slide out your adjustable coupler and put their own back in and away goes your investment. Think about what happens when your trailer gets stolen, arguing with insurance companies, banks and the police. I’ve been lucky not to many things stolen, but when it happens it makes you sick. Read the Review…


Summit Hauler M2 Freightliner hauler conversions. Custom wood, lighting, CB, overhead DVD, camera’s, LED’s, console, steering wheel, tool boxes, grill guard, big brakes, bed and more.

Acres of Freightliner M2’s with the Summit Hauler conversion. You won’t find a better selection of hauler trucks for your big trailers.

Click for website and inventory..

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Transwest Used Truck Inventory; all sizes, Class 2-3, 4-5, 6-7-8

Cimarron trailerMrTruck.TV presents:

TranswestTrailersKansas City

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Popup gooseneck extension for shortbed trucksNow there’s help for the short-short beds towing horse trailers and racecar trailers. New from PopUp, the SB116. The long short bedsolution. It’s “16” inches of extension. Before you loose your pickup trucks rear window or worse, check out the solution. Shortbed trucks are the most popular. But the trailer manufactures don’t know it yet. Finally backup with the tailgate down and without hitting the propane tanks. More…
Saddlematic power saddle rackEureka! Saddlematic RevolutionaryMotorized Saddle Rack. Finally you can stop wrestling your saddles in and out of your trailer and lifting them over your head. Saddlematic will bring your saddles to you. New electric model and a swingout for your rear tack. See the whole story and how they work. Click here…

Amsoil offers knowledge the trailer towing public needs. Differential serviceGear oil basics.Gear oil maintenance

Transwest Freightliner M2I know it’s hard to find trucks equipped to tow the big trailers. We’ve found them. Click to see the inventory. Light Duty, Class 2-3 Medium Duty,Class 4-5 and Heavy Duty Class 6-7-8 or call 1-800-909-7071. Larger trucks for your growing larger Horse Trailers & 5th wheels.

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New Cimarron, Logan Coach horse trailers. Large selection of Living Quarter’s. Large selection of hauler trucks, Freightliner M2, Ford F650, C4500 & bigger. Call for prices, 

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Transwest Truck Trailer RV, Visit our new facility on I-25. Large selection of LQ horse trailers, Haulers and Toterhomes. Super, full service shop, for trucks, trailers and RV’s. 15 paved acres of trailers & trucks. More…

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