Gooseneck Hitch Comparisons!


Does your Gooseneck Bounce?

By MrTruck: We can buy trucks with air suspension, air cabs, air seats and trailers with air suspensions. So it just makes since to isolate the ride of the truck from the bounce of your trailer where they connect. All that jerking and vibrating at the gooseneck coupler causes us and our cargo fatigue. Your customers have expensive Living Quarters in the neck with mirrors, cabinets and lighting. After the trailer sale, mentioning that some folks are using a hitch cushion to protect cargo and taking some shake from their seat is a wise investment. We’re looking at two aftermarket gooseneck tube cushions which stay on the trailer, good for one or two trailers and two truck bed ball cushions that stay in the truck bed for multiple trailers.

Generally, these cushions isolate forward and back, up and down movement. It’s important that forward and back movement be limited, as in a panic brake situation, that extra movement can push your truck.

Many of these products are available on the MrTruck Top Picks store!

Popup Gooseneck Cushion replaces your adjustment neck tube coupler. It uses 3 Timbren rubber springs for cushion and an internal sleeve to limit forward and back movement. Timbren rubber springs have no air or maintenance. Also available with 9 inch offset for shortbed trucks. http://popuphitch.com/cc1.htm

Star Performance, another gooseneck tube and coupler replacement cushion, works like a glider rocking chair. It swings on 4 metal straps and pushes your trailer up for forward and back motion resistance. Grease zerks on the metal straps are the only maintenance. http://www.sphitch.com/products.htm

Cody Cushion gooseneck ball cushion, uses an air bag for up and down cushion and rubber bushings to control forward and back movement. Will fit Cody Hitch, Popup and B&W ball hitch sockets. Requires air pressure to set trailer adjustment with grease zerks on the hinge. http://pullwithcody.com/cushion.aspx

Shocker Hitch has a 4 inch offset for short bed trucks. It uses a teeter totter design with an air bag. Rubber bushings control the forward and back motion. Will fit B&W ball hitch socket, has grease zerks, requires air pressure. Shocker Hitch also has a replacement gooseneck tube cushion. http://www.shockerhitch.com/

There are also air bag systems for 5th wheels. Let your customers know you have the solution for all their trailer concerns. A shock reducing solution for their gooseneck is a logical accessory that will help your bottom line.

By MrTruck: mrtruck.com

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