New Trailer Tech iN Command

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                 New Trailer Tech iN Command

New Trailer Tech iN Command

New Trailer Tech iN Command

Trailers are going high tech. It started with RV trailers, a few companies offered electronics controlled from your phone. One such company is ASA Electronics. Their control systems on RV trailers can control, jacks, awnings, ac, heat, tank levels and more from your phone. Amazing technologies all from your phone, even turning on AC and heat in your RV trailer as you drive.

Now ASA has turned it’s sights on commercial trailers like a dump trailer. My dump trailer is my favorite. Just added a hydraulic jack, so now it’s differently my favorite. Since I have to run the camera, I enlisted the help of Jayhawk Trailers in Denver. Jacob there took on the challenge of reading the install manual and taking on the task. It was much easier than I thought.

The main component is the iN-Command control systems. It’s a box that bolts in the battery box with and flat antennae attaching to the battery box lid that transmits to your phone. All the other components connect to the In-Command box. Tire pressure monitoring with tire valve cap transmitters send the tire air pressure and tire temperature with alerts to your phone. The truck and trailer lights are wired to the iN-Command so you can check all your lights. again from your phone. Trailer battery level can be seen on the app in your phone. My favorite, is running the dump cylinder and hydraulic jack from your phone. If you have a hydraulic cylinder on your trailer tailgate, I can be operated from your phone. Then I can dump rock or gravel and drive forward to level it on the road. You can also lock all those features out from your phone while driving. There’s even axillary options to add more devices to the Control Systems.

It’s a long list of things the iN-Command control system can cover to make trailering easier and safer. ASA sent me their Voyager camera system too. Dump trailers are short and have three way tailgates, dangerous place for a camera, so I’ll install the camera on my tall Toy Hauler later. The whole system is weather resistant able to survive the harsh environment in work conditions. It sounds complicated, but it was easy to set up the mobile app. On top of the iN-Command is a pairing button. I thought is was easier to pair than my phone to my truck. A couple of lights on top of the iN-Command tells you it has power and is paired.  Like all good systems, you can use a passcode so only you can operate the system.

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