Spring Loaded Tilt-Tie Reviewed by Mr. Trailer

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Tilt-Tie, the Highline for your Horse Trailer

Tilt-Tie Install Review by H. Kent Sundling

Spring Loaded Tilt-Tie Reviewed by Mr. Trailer

Spring loaded Tilt-Tie swings out from your trailer wall. It’s an attractive functional trailer accessory that attaches with two bolts and swings back out of the way when you are done.  Seven ft. off the ground like a highline, but you don’t have to look for trees to tie to. Your horse can move around, lay down, graze and not be nervous about being tied short to a trailer.

The teenager in my horses comes out when they are tied close to my trailers. They  like to paw the tire valve stems and fender clearance lights. Quick release snaps in the included leads make it easier to free your horse if a problem occurs. Good for longer tie ups.

The Tilt-Tie base and swivel which attaches to your trailer wall post is aluminum. The spring housing and rod are stainless steel. So there is no painting, no maintenance and it’s corrosion free. Quick pins go through the base to lock the lead rod in place away from the trailer or against the trailer for traveling.

See the RFD TV episode on Equestrian Nation about Tilt-Tie. 

This was an easy install, everything but the drill is included. I drilled the top bolt from the inside to line up square with the frame post. You do want to attach the Tilt-Tie to the wall framing not just to the sheet metal.

http://tilt-tie.com/ New lower price $279

Next I inserted the top bolt in the wall bracket and used the bracket bottom as a guide for the bottom bolt hole. Tilt-Tie uses two nylon bushings to swing the tie arm out 90 degrees from the trailer wall. Locking pins are included for transport. Aluminum base and post

Spring loaded arm, the spring is hidden in the flex post. You won’t get pinched by it.

Looks like a pro installed it, only took 30 minutes but 1/2 of that was taking pictures.The rod fits well against the side of the trailer. Quick release snaps on the leads add to the safety of Tilt-Tie.

The adjustable nylon flat strap lets you adjust to 2 to 3 inches off the ground.

Quick release and bull snaps on both leads.


New stainless steel rod is stronger than the chrome rod it replaces.

Nylon bushings in the swivel, make it swing easy and quietly which you’ll appreciate if you sleep in your trailer when your horses are using Tilt-Tie.

There are hooks, lead ropes and halters available that allow horses to pull back when you are teaching horses to yield to pressure. If your horses handle slack in a lead rope well or a high tie, they should do well using Tilt-Tie.

http://tilt-tie.com/   New lower price $279

Quickbite has a coupler that guides the ball into itself and latches itself too

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