Step Above trailer aluminum ladder for horse trailers

The Ladder That’s a Step Above !

As reviewed on RFD TV

I’ve said it before, most folks don’t use their hay racks. Mainly because it’s too hard to get to. A big share of factory hay rack ladders don’t cut it. Too narrow, flimsy or just plain scary. Step Above is a slide-out aluminum ladder that makes the roof of your trailer an easy trip and safe. Having the right angle slanted away from the trailer takes the work out of climbing a ladder just like your step ladder you use around the house but with hand rails. Step Above slides out to the ground for just the right slope like a staircase for climbing or you can climb up barn style on the side or rear of your trailer. Sliding the ladder all the way out for stability makes this ladder safe and easy to climb. So you could walk up the ladder with a bale of hay or bag of feed. The ladder has a built in hand rail above the ladder rail with traction strips on the ladder rungs. Heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum you know in the solid feel you have using it.Sixteen inches wide as is standard with ladders and six inches deep. Attaches to the side or rear of your trailer. The price will surprise you. Yes you can afford it. Made by a company that makes quality heavy duty ladders for the oil field and construction.  ph. 432-661-0154  Step Above trailer aluminum ladder for horse trailers.

Strong attachment, using 3 bolts on top, 3 bolts on bottom bracket, secure if you climb up the ladder while attached to your trailer. When the ladder is slide out, the top bracket and the ground support the ladder.

Bottom bracket has a spring loaded T-handle that slides into ladder end tubes to secure the ladder to the bottom bracket for the road.

Installation was Simple

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Used a level on the gooseneck frame, on the side wall and… fender. Once you have your trailer level… it’s easy to attach your Step Above ladder level also Thick aircraft grade aluminum top bracket I used the level to align the top bracket. Then I drilled the middle hole first to attach and hold bracket secure while I leveled again

I used a spacer to separate the ladder away from the trailer because the top of the ….. sheet metal on my Logan trailer exterior wall had a crimped triangle sticking out an inch…. by spacing out the top ladder bracket, the ladder is parallel to the trailer wall I bolted the top bracket to the roof radius You want to bolt the bottom bracket a couple inches above any running board…

for the T-handle spring loaded locking pin to extend below the bracket

Line up the drop distance so steps will match from rail to rail and miss trailer horse ties or windows etc.

The T-handle slides into tubes welded to the bottom of ladder rails to lock ladder in place, see the rungs are aligned incase you want to climb the ladder while attached to the trailer Step Above aluminum ladder looks great on a trailer Tabs welded to the rails limit how far the ladder will telescope. Channels hold the rails together. Hand rail telescopes too

Easy to attach, simple to use, and locks in place for those rough roads

Simple packaging, no box just cellophane I did it right, the Step Above is parallel to the trailer wall Step Above is 16 inches wide and 6 inches  deep to fit inside fender on 6 and 7 ft. wide trailers. On 8 ft. wide you may want to mount on rear door  Ladder is inside the fender looking great Now you can use your hay rack and pod, quick, light easy to extend and lock to the side of the trailer   Made in Texas USA by Stewarts Aluminum Fabrication, Inc.

ph. 432-661-0154

Click to see our horse expo tour, we’ll have Step Above on my trailer in the booth

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