Sixty Miles Per Gallon!!

Smart Car, what else would Mercedes call it?

Smart Car by Mercedes with 60 mpg at Elizabeth RV Auto in Elizabeth Colorado.

Finally the US has the car that’s been in the news around the globe. Doing well in crash tests in Canada and Europe, now you can have the car that gets 60 miles per gallon. Run flat tires eliminate the need for a spare. Coup or Cabaret, auto or electric shift.

It performed well with two of us in the car, at over 450 pounds of passengers. Shifting the 6-speed electric shift or the fully automatic 6-speed matched the 3 cylinder turbo Mercedes gas engine with surprising power climbing the hills east of Elizabeth Colorado.

Performance Handling
Spacious Interior for Two
Exchangeable Body Panels
SMART-Safe Construction
Automatic Transmission

60 hp, 3-cylinder, rear-mounted turbo engine
sequential 6-speed transmission
automatic or manual mode selectable
Tank Capacity: 8.7 gallons

Weight: 1588 lbs
Length: 8’2.5″
Width: 4’11.5″
Height: 5′

DOT Approval VCP-27

EPA Letter of Conformity

Anti-Lock Braking
Rack and pinion Steering
Exchangeable Body Panels
Power Windows
Power doorlocksOPTIONS
Air Conditioning with Exterior Temp
Indicator and Frost Warning
Alloy Wheels
Power Steering

Tridion Hemispherical, steel safety Shell
Driver and Passenger Airbags
Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP)
Skid Control
Anti-Lock Braking System
Reinforced Construction
Raised Seat Position for Enhanced Visibility
Remote Central Locking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)1. What type of fuel does the Smart Car use?
Unleaded regular gasoline, 87 Octane.  It’s not electric and not a hybrid, but the size and power rating make it one of the most efficient internal combustion cars in production today, rivaling the efficiency of the current hybrids in America.

2. The Smart Car is so small; is it safe?
The designers of the Smart Car applied simple laws of physics to create a smaller car that takes automotive safety to a whole new level. In a collision, the car reacts in a different way than larger, conventional cars. The spherical geometry of the vehicle’s “tridion safety cell” is an aluminum safety-cage with steel reinforcements that is designed to hold its shape like the crash-cage of a racecar. The lighter weight combined with wheel wells in the four corners and safety features like dual airbags, anti-lock brakes and more results in a car that is safer than cars much larger than it.

3. How fast is the Smart Car, can it travel on the freeway?
85 MPH. The Smart Car is now legal on most U.S. road and freeways, but designers governed the top speed to enhance the fuel efficiency. Today’s urban drivers rarely have an opportunity to reach freeway speeds and the Smart Car was designed with this in mind. What it gives up in top speed, the car makes up for in drivability and handling. The 6-speed, on-demand manual/automatic electronic transmission combined with electronic stabilization creates sporty package that is fun to drive.

Elizabeth RV Automotive Center, it’s Worth the Scenic Drive in the Country

I’m from a small town in Colorado. Good businesses in small towns thrive because of their reputations. Elizabeth Colorado is a small town on the edge of evergreens from the Black Forest in rolling hills near prime horse country. This country setting is where Elizabeth RV Automotive Center is located. We all want great deals and where to find them. Out in the country, away from the big cities and expensive real estate where the big RV dealers are located, is where you can find the RV 5th wheel and travel trailer deals you’re looking for. With low overhead, taxes and the scenic drive to Elizabeth, it’s one small town RV dealer you’ll want to visit. S.T. to the right, is the big cheese at Elizabeth RV, always working, always on the phone making deals. Click for more info on Elizabeth RV Automotive

Give them a call at 303-646-8810, ST’s cell phone 303-885-3524  5475 Highway 86, Elizabeth, CO 80107  

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