Super Gooseneck Hitch

SuperDeuce™ Hitch System, the future for easy, fuel efficient towing. Patent Pending – All Rights Reserved – Gary Scott, Kent Sundling, Kent Scott –  contact info at bottom of the page.

This is what you see from your rearview mirror. You didn’t have to get out and lower the tailgate, you didn’t have to get out and see how close your are several times, you didn’t have to ask your spouse to help. You just backed up to the trailer the first time and got out of your truck just to lower the trailer on the ball, locking automatically and hook your safety chains all from the outside. No more crawling into the truck bed on your knees to latch the coupler and hook safety chains. You can put hay bales under the bridge, have a tonneau cover turning your truck bed into a giant tool box. You can use the back half of your truck bed for toolboxes, hay etc. instead of leaving it empty for a runway for the gooseneck to hook and unhook.

Folks we’ve shown the new way to hitch,  want to know where they can buy them. What should we tell them?

Gooseneck ball is bed rail level for strength and visibility All of the truck bed can now be used, hay bales fit under bridge, you can have rear toolboxes. Don’t need to lower the tailgate to attach trailer. Tonneau cover options now possible to…. … protect cargo, aid fuel economy…. ….turning your truck bed into giant tool box.

So easy to line up the trailer coupler with the gooseneck ball with just the rearview mirror Strong 4″ square bridge sets on the fender saddles. Bridge is arched for strength under compression. Safety chains attach to the bridge. Chains can be reached from outside the truck bed. Self latching spring loaded coupler. Shorter neck tube is stronger with less road movement.

Fender saddles that support the bridge. Rail runs the full length of the truck bed. The bridge unpins and slides on Teflon pads to the front out of the way with ball  turned over, or to the rear to be lifted out, for full use of the bed. Bridge slides up against the cab out of the way with the ball facing down. Fits under the tonneau cover. Out of the way for full use of bed. Bridge also can slide to the tailgate to be lifted out of the bed. 80 lbs. Teflon pads under bridge for sliding on the rails. Adjustment bolt holes on bridge for tongue weight placement. The only gooseneck ball that is adjustable. Gooseneck ball turned over for a flush bed rail with tonneau covers. Other end of the gooseneck that telescopes up in the trailer nose. 40″ long, schedule 80 verses standard schedule 40 pipe. The standard 18″ neck tube is moved up 8″ with wing gussets on top and bottom of V-frame neck floor.

Neck tube telescopes down to fit a standard floor mount gooseneck ball. Preserving the resale value of  a trailer that will work with old or new hitch. Angle iron sits on truck frame, sandwiches bed floor to bridge saddles. Fender saddles that go over  the fender well with bridge attached. Gussets on the back side Whole bed can be covered. Improves fuel mileage and secures truck bed. Now you can use your whole truck bed at the same time as your trailer.

Versatile, can be used on bed floor ball mount and new bedrail ball system. Stronger than popular hitch systems now.  Less leverage on the neck tube.


The “Deuce” – A Better Hitch That Tows Both 5th Wheel And Gooseneck Trailers*
  • Hook up solo – the first time every time!  You can see the hitch!
  • Automatic latching coupler combined with externally accessible safety chains allows full operation without requiring climbing up into the pickup bed!
  • The stock tailgate stays up during both hooking up and un-hooking!
  • Gooseneck or 5th Wheel Hitch. Easier to remove the bridge than any 5th wheel. Maintains ALL the pickup bed space ALL the time – towing or not as the coupler is mounted at the top of the pickup bed, not the bottom!  Horse owners – put your hay bales in the bed, not on the top of your trailer!  5th Wheelers – now you can get your pickup bed back – even while towing!
  • Exclusive Sliding Rail System allows positioning the hitch coupler structure out of the way to the front the bed in seconds, and also allows sliding back to the tailgate for easy
      removal – usually by just one person!
  • Just drill to mount – No cutting holes in the pickup bed required.
  • Mounting Brackets attach outside the frame instead of between the frame rails greatly simplifying installation and reducing the risk of interference with truck components.
  • Weight is distributed to four frame mount points and the frame is reinforced with arches over the wheel wells.
  • No more risk of dropping the trailer on the rails – Automatic coupler assures secure connections every time!
  • Easily adjustable fore and aft to install in a position for perfect weight distribution!
  • Compatible with optional Tonneau Covers for covered bed security!
  • Utilizes modern structural engineering and stress analysis for maximum strength & minimum added weight.
  • The only hitch that works with a new fuel saving accessory under development that in testing has improved mileage by as much as 2 to 3 mpg!

We have a horse trailer manufacture that will switch their new trailers to our system when it’s ready. We can adapt existing trailers.

*Requires either a SuperDeuce ready trailer or a SuperDeuce Upgrade Kit

 Old Way, you know the old way.  In and out of the cab to see how close you are to the ball. Climb in the bed, latch coupler, attach safety chains, climb out of the bed.


 New Way, stay out of the bed.


5th Wheel Version in use on 14,000 lb tow hauler RV for 2 years. Inverted ball with bridge welded to truck frame.

Brought to you by the same engineers that developed the easiest attaching weight distributing hitch last year and sold it to a manufacture.

The SuperDeuce™ is for sale to the right manufacture, along with fuel saving accessories, call us.

Patent Pending     Kent Sundling, ph. 303-883-1300 email [email protected]

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