Saddlematic installed in Equine Motorcoach

We have been very busy with the Equine Motorcoach™ in lots of ways. Tom and Carolyn Stinnett have been putting the finishing touches on our 2012 transport that is touring the United States at a variety of horse shows.
Saddlematic 180 demonstration by Carolyn Stinnett.
They have added the Saddlematic 180 that not only swings 180 degrees out of the way when not in use, but electrically lowers and lifts for easy saddle loading and unloading. EUREKA Specialty Products, LLC, owned by Jim and Khileen Flynn, worked with the Stinnetts to engineer and manufacture this innovative mechanism.
* NO lifting above your head
* NO fighting saddles through tack room door
* NO danger of tripping while carrying saddles in and out of the Equine Motorcoach”I did quite a bit of research while exhibiting the 2012 model at events,” said Tom Stinnett, co-owner and designer of the Equine Motorcoach. “The horse people really gave me some great ideas about what they wanted and how they needed things to work for them on the road. EUREKA Specialty Products created something that addressed those issues for us.”

“After tripping, lifting and wrestling saddles in and out of my horse trailer before and after events, my shoulders, knees and elbows were taking a beating,” said Jim Flynn. “I began observing other horse trailers with expensive saddles tossed on trailer floors because of the difficulty others were having lifting saddles on and off their stationary racks and in and out of small tack room doors. I was determined to find a solution. I wanted my saddles to come to me and eliminate my struggle with them.”

While attending a team roping event in 2003, Jim tripped INTO his trailer tack room one evening while trying to step into the door to place his saddle on the stationary rack. Two nights later he tripped OUT of the tack room while carrying his saddle and thought “there HAS to be a better way”. He began building a prototype of a saddle rack that would swing OUTSIDE the tack room and lower the saddles.

Jim is now on his fourth revision of that first prototype and feels he has perfected the best and highest quality motorized saddle rack that is available on the market today. The Eureka! Saddlematic was the very first motorized saddle rack to be presented to the public. The EUREKA! Saddlematic is a patent pending invention that is marketed by the family company, Eureka Specialty Products, LLC.

You can see all of these new features at the next live tour event in The Egyptian Event, “Born of the Desert Wind,” June 4-9, 2012 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. The event is presented by the Pyramid Society.More on Saddlematic at….


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