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Buying an RV Trailer? Here Are Some Pointers

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RV Trailer Advice and Resources: Despite the pandemic, traveling is slowly being allowed in different states all over the country. If you are a travel enthusiast, you might have considered camping and renting an RV trailer. However, owning an RV is even better.

Getting an RV gives you more convenience and freedom while camping. You get to cook, sleep, and move properly. However, there is more to buying an RV that you need to think about. There are many factors you need to consider when buying one.

What type of trailer do you want?

Buying an RV trailer is a big investment decision. RVs are not cheap. Thus, you need to think of whether you want to buy a used RV or brand new one. You must consider the insurance premium, repair, and purchase amount.

Buying used RV trailers saves you a significant amount of money. Furthermore, you can customize the design of the RV trailer. You can rebuild, restore, or redecorate it according to your liking. The insurance for a used RV trailer is also cheaper than a brand new one. However, there is a risk that the trailer might incur more repairs, considering it is used. Moreover, it might be costly to upgrade its tech.

On the other hand, buying a brand new RV trailer means that you are the first user. There is no risk of damages and repairs in the first few years of usage. Furthermore, they have the latest technology for your convenience. However, the insurance premium for a brand new RV trailer is more expensive than a used one.

There are also different kinds of trailers to choose from. These include the travel trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, pop-up trailer, Sport Utility RV (SURV) trailer, and truck camper.

A travel trailer is lightweight. Meanwhile, the large hatch pin in a fifth-wheel trailer makes it more stable to pull. On the other hand, the pop-up trailer is the smallest trailer you can buy, while the SURV can haul bikes and motorcycles. Lastly, the truck camper has almost everything that you need for camping.

RV Trailer Advice and Resources:

How you plan to use the RV trailer

RV trailers have different designs and specifications that can accommodate your needs and budget. To help you choose what RV trailer to buy, you should know how you are going to use it.

 First, take note of how many people you want to join in your camping trip. If you are only planning to camp with your partner, get a smaller trailer. However, if you intend to travel with your family or friends, get a bigger trailer that has a bigger seating capacity and can hold a lot of things you’ll bring in your camping trip.

Second, consider whether you want a personal comfort room or kitchen in your RV trailer. If you plan on bringing a portable stove, you won’t need a built-in stove in your trailer. If you want a cold or hot shower, get a trailer with a feature that changes the water temperature.

Third, consider the weather of the place you want to camp in. If you are traveling to a place with warm weather, ensure that the trailer has sufficient air conditioning. If you intend to travel to a colder place, the trailer should have a good heating system.

 Funding your purchase

The budget you set for purchasing a trailer will determine what kind of RV trailer you’ll get. Before you start shopping, you should determine how you will acquire the funds for purchasing the unit.

Use your money

The safest way to fund your RV trailer purchase is to use your savings. You don’t have to pay for any kind of loan and possibly face a lawsuit. However, this is the slowest way to fund your purchase, especially if you don’t have enough funds. You can amend this by selling the things you no longer need or look for a part-time job for additional income.

Borrow from friends or family

The second safest way to get funding is to borrow from friends or family. The risks of lawsuits for this type of loan are lower since you can always negotiate with the lender how you will pay the loan. The bad thing about this is that you will run the risk of straining your relationship if problems occur.

RV Loans

Like buying any type of car, you can also resort to vehicle financing. Many banks and lenders offer camper financing. The loan is secured, with the trailer being the collateral. Check with your bank or lender what type and how much loan they can offer you. You can negotiate with them for the payment system and shop for low-interest rates.

RV Trailer Advice and Resources:

Responsibilities that come with an RV trailer

Now that you know what type of trailer you’ll get according to needs and budget, you should also know the responsibilities that come with owning an RV trailer. This includes towing, parking, maintenance, and insurance.

First, look for a place to park your RV trailer. Take into consideration that there are homeowners associations that do not allow RV trailer parking. If RV trailer parking is not allowed, you may need to pay for a storage facility to house your trailer.

Second, your RV trailer will not move without towing out. Make sure that you have a car with a trailer hitch to pull the trailer. A small car will not suffice. You need a car that has the power to pull it.

Third, you should also maintain your RV trailer. Having the trailer washed and disinfected is much more expensive than having a small car cleaned. Furthermore, repairs and other trailer maintenance is not cheap.

Fourth, you have to get insurance for your RV trailer. Keep in mind that the bigger or newer the trailer, the bigger the insurance premium it has. RV trailers are required to be insured with at least the minimum coverage, like other cars.


With traveling being slowly allowed in most states, camping enthusiasts are also looking forward to using an RV trailer. As mentioned, buying an RV trailer can be more beneficial for convenience and freedom. Keep in mind the type of RV trailer you want, your budget, and funding your purchase.


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