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Blowouts are not fun. And even whipping your trailer doesn’t let you see the rear axle in a safe way or at night. Pick your reason, the cost of tires, safety, calm horses, or just the pain in the @!& it is to change a tire in the middle of the rain or freeway during rush hour. I have been waiting for something like Pressure Pro to help me monitor tires on the fly. Tires are something we constantly worry about on trips and then at night you can’t even do the trailer whip to try to see the rear trailer axle.

Press Release: USRider Urges Horse Owners to Use Air Pressure Monitor

Electronic Device Helps Prevent Dangerous Blowouts. Lexington, Ky. (Sept. 8, 2006) – Flat tires are the leading cause of disablements involving horse trailers. USRider is involved in a research project with Dr. Tomas Gimenez to test the benefit (if any) of using air vs. nitrogen to inflate tow vehicle and horse trailer tires. An electronic air-pressure monitoring system is being used to assist with the research. During the research, Dr. Gimenez and USRider have noted significant safety benefits resulting from using this system. Rest of the report…

GM explains the need for tire pressure monitors, “Tire pressure monitoring is wonderful technology that has the potential to help make our roads safer,” said Jim Gutting, director, GM Tire-Wheel Center. “But it’s no substitute for being conscientious about tire maintenance. All vehicle owners should familiarize themselves with TPMS, how it works and what it can tell them about basic tire maintenance.”

Low tire pressure-related crashes cause 660 fatalities and 33,000 injuries each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Yet a survey earlier this year by the Rubber Manufacturers Association showed that three out of four drivers wash their car every month, but only one in five correctly checks their tire pressure. Rest of the Report…


Pressure Pro has an advantage by being portable between trailers and different tow vehicles. You don’t have to break down the tire and put a transmitter in it. The transmitter replaces your valve stem cap. It just screws on. The transmitter sets on your dash (mines on the visor) and plugs in the cigarette lighter. Now you’re all set, you can check certain tires or all of them and Pressure Pro monitors air pressure changes. Then if you use a different trailer, just take the sensors and add to the valve stems of that trailer.

Simple to install and to install to a different truck or trailer. You set your tire pressure to it’s proper psi and you can monitor it’s psi in the cab on the Pressure Pro monitor. It will beep if the pressure drops 12.5% and again if it drops 25%.

On average, 1 in 4 tires on the road are running 27% low on pressure – shortening tire life by 30%. Each year there are some 660 roadway deaths, and 62,000 injuries due to problems associated with low tire pressure. Low tire pressures account for nearly 90% of all roadside problems and downtime.

Wouldn’t you want to know how each tire is doing on this rig? Doesn’t take too many ruined tires to pay for a Pressure Pro. And think of your lowered blood pressure & down time. Unless you get paid for sitting in a tire shop or your spouse changes tires in the rain. Nitrogen is becoming popular in truck tires. It’s been common in race cars for years. It holds pressure longer than oxygen, eliminates moisture in the tires and is said to make tires last longer. Pressure Pro works with nitrogen as well as oxygen.

Three models to monitor from 4 tires to 34. That’s all there is, the sensors, base unit, antenna that screws in the base and the plug for the cigarette lighter. Looks to simple huh? You don’t have to break the tires down, run the giant hose clamp around the wheel and rebalance your tires. This way it’s portable from trailer to trailer. Pressure Pro does offer optional sensor locks.
Left, not where you want a tire problem. Always important to know your tire pressure even when it’s cold as you see left, coming out of Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 at 11,000 ft in January. You know brakes even work better then the tires are still round.On one of my many adventures getting ready to tow a new 4 horse LQ Logan back from Utah to Colorado, my Pressure Pro beeped at me. It was telling me my front right truck tire was 46 psi instead of 55 psi that I had checked last. It’s so nice checking all your tires manually or automatically with Pressure Pro. This was so needed in the trailer industry. It’s mandatory that cars have a tire pressure monitor by 2007, but trailers are farther down the list if they are even on the list.

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We welcome Pressure Pro to the “Hart Horse Trailer Safety and Tech Tour.”

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Blowouts are not fun. And even whipping your trailer doesn’t let you see the rear axle in a safe way or at night. Pick your reason, the cost of tires, safety, calm horses, or just the pain it is to change a tire. Been waiting for something like Pressure Pro to help monitor tires on the fly..Click for more


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