MegaHitch, Peace of Mind in a Box

Protecting your Investment

For Horse Trailers, RV trailers, Car Trailers, Cargo Trailers


In this economy trailer theft is up, you’d be surprised how fast a stolen trailer becomes a homemade trailer and re-titled in another state. Thief’s are like coyotes, they adapt fast and look for easy targets. Don’t be the easy target. I have 3 trailers in my back yard plus the new trailers I review and they all have coupler locks.

It’s getting common, someone telling me their white stock trailer was stolen while parked at a sale barn or at a fair grounds equine event. The horse and trailer websites are posting the latest missing trailers. Desperate times increases the population of desperate criminals and trailers are an easy target. No system will totally prevent theft, but the devices that make stealing your trailer a long drawn out process, should discourage the bad guys, sending them to look for easier targets.

As reviewed on RFD TV, click to watch

MegaHitch fits most bumper pull trailers. The box is 1/4 inch thick industrial grade aluminum with 5 enclosed sides. The lock plate is stainless steel locking down on top of the coupler. Those materials will withstand weather’s corrosion and Father Time.  The lock is similar to what are used on vending machines. The way MegaHitch is designed, you have to cut it up in several pieces to get it off. A bolt cutter would be useless,  The ball attaches to coupler and steel lock plate slides over the top of the coupler. Three ball sizes are interchangeable.

MegaHitch also has coupler bolts with breakaway nuts and a coupler stand for locking your trailer outside of your garage door.


Industrial grade thick aluminum makes a good looking trailer accessory. It’s lightweight which makes it easy to lock on trailers. Blue keys, now I can tell them apart from my 10 other keys. The barrel-style locks are what you see on outdoor vending machines that have to survive 24 hours a day on their own. MegaHitch 500 key combinations is high, it would surprise you how few key combinations trailers and trailer locks have. One year warranty.

Boxes in your trailers coupler, easy to install. Will fit 1 7/8 in, 2 in and 2 5/16 in balls. Made for horse trailers, cargo trailers, flatbeds, boats, RV’s etc. Protect your investment, no one wants to make payments on a trailer that disappeared. I have friends doing that now.
Balls are interchangeable for three sizes. Barrel locks are the choice for important security like outside vending machines. Five sides to the box, makes it five times harder to break off.

Go to the MegaHitch website to watch comparison hitch tests.

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