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April 10, 2009



Since the beginning of the year, negotiations between the owners of Titan Trailer Manufacturing and LC Industries, makers of Logan Coach brand trailers, have been taking place concerning the sale of Logan Coach.  The two companies recently settled on terms and a purchase agreement has been signed.  Dave Smerchek, owner of Titan Trailer Manufacturing headquartered in Waterville, Kansas, officially purchased Logan Coach April 8, 2009.  Plans are to continue producing the Logan Coach brand trailers in the same town they originated in, Logan, Utah, as a division of Titan Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.


Titan Trailer Manufacturing was established in 1986 and has grown their horse, stock and equipment trailer business into one of the largest and most profitable trailer enterprises in the nation.  Titan has traditionally been known to offer great value by producing well-built, affordable steel trailers with unsurpassed paint quality.  Similarly, Logan Coach began in 1985 and has developed a reputation in the Western U.S. as a premier aluminum skin trailer with the added benefit of a rust resistant, structurally superior galvanized structure.  The traditional strengths of Titan and Logan Coach compliment each other  very well and will now offer the consumer many more choices in in the selection of a trailer that meets their expectations and budget.


This union will allow Titan to expand to the West and Logan Coach to expand to the East with an economic advantage in volume and transportation costs.  Logan Coach is keeping their current dealer support team for a seamless transition to new ownership.





A Division of Titan Trailer Manufacturing, Inc


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