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Truck and Trailer Security takes Action

Theft is such a personal event. We buy things enjoy them and someone takes them away. I stay at allot of motels around the country and am relieved when I leave in the morning and my trailers are still connected to my truck. Just added several more products to my trailers to make me less nervous in Vegas parking lots, the only place theft has visited me successfully.

B-52: The first neat item for theft deterrent, Rack’em’s B-52 replacement locking jack. It’s for bumper trailers, is rated at 5000#’s with a stainless steel locking mechanism and has 15 inches of lift. Very easy to install, support the trailer tongue, take out the 3 bolts supporting the old jack and replace with the B-52. Ad the handle and you’re done. To lock just lift up the jack crank handle while pushing in the lock. Now the jack crank just spins. Back to my motel experiences, while your trailer is coupled to your truck, lowering the jack to lift up some on your truck and locking it there, can be a way to prevent theft of your truck or trailer. Just remember to unlock and raise the jack before hitting the road again. Even comes with a weather cap to cover the lock.

The old jack… comes out with 3 bolts in goes the new B-52 then the flat washer…

the jack top spin handle… here is the key lock out lifting up on the jack handle allows the lock to push in now the jack is locked, the handle will only spin, the lock has a weatherproof cover

Lock’em: Next from Rack’em is a wheel lock. Lock’em RA-25 Magnum Wheel Locking System attaches to your trailer or truck wheel. Same theory as parking boots if you don’t pay your parking meter. You can lock two wheels together from 12″ wheel all the way up to a 20″ wheel. Having at least one locking lug nut (picture left) on each wheel makes the Lock’em more effective. Aluminum wheels are expensive as well as the time and trouble it takes to replace them. It will even fit some steering wheels. For more details on the B-52 and Lock’em visit

B-52: Rack’em’s B-52 replacement locking jack. It’s for bumper trailers, is rated at 5000#’s. Lock’em: Next from Rack’em is a wheel lock. Lock’em RA-25 Magnum Wheel Lock. HitchSafe: Fits 2 inch receiver, HitchSafe, a weather proof drawer with a combination lock. Watchdog: A new theft target is your trucks tailgate. Replacing your tailgate is not cheap.

Lock’em fits wheels 12″-15″ on small end, 15″-20″ on large end same lock you see on pop machines just two pieces slide together you can lock you spare tire to your trailer tire

HitchSafe: Fits in your 2 inch receiver, I installed on my front bumper receiver where my snow plow goes. Using a magnetic key holder was popular decades ago. Now most trucks and SUV’s have an empty receiver hitch. HitchSafe has a drawer that is weather proof with a combination lock. Great place to hide emergency money, credit cards, spare keys etc. With all the theft deterrent devices I use, keys are plentiful. Storing my extra keys outside my truck with a combination lock solves that problem. Foam spacers keep the drawer sealed and a hard plastic cover protects the combination dials. Side pins secure the HitchSafe to your receiver hitch with C-clips. You can take the whole system out fast to use your receiver with your trailer. For more

foam spacers keep the draw installed tight two pins hold HitchSafe in place C-clips slide thru outside pins with the drawer out, you can change the combination with a screwdriver

just add keys, credit cards, cash etc.. slide the drawer in spin the combination dials and snap on the dust cover

Watchdog: A new theft target is your trucks tailgate. Replacing your tailgate is not cheap or easy. Tailgates on newer trucks lift out of one hinge corner and then slide out. Makes it easy to take them off and thieves have read the same truck brochures to learn the removal process. Watchdog Tailgate Lock is made from zinc coated steel. Easy to install over the tailgate hinge socket. For more details www.WatchDogLock.comNo lock, alarm or deterrent will totally stop an experienced thief. But if your rig looks like it will take longer to break into, thief’s will go to the next easy victim. Like the bear story, you don’t have to outrun the bear, just the guy running next to you.

sizes for all trucks lock comes with tools for install tailgate socket, easy off and easy to steal with Watchdog installed saves your $500 tailgate

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