2006 Lincoln Mark lt Towing Capacity

Trying again, 2006 Lincoln Mark LT Truck Towing a Hart Thoroughbred.

The luxury truck market is a fickle one. Lincoln with a little over 3000 Lincoln Blackwood trucks sold in 02-03, now opens the first year of the Lincoln Mark LT pickup truck with over 10,000 units sold while Cadillac Escalade EXT slips from the high in 2002 of over 13,000 units now down in the 7000’s this year. Maybe it’s the 4×4 option or the fact that it’s great looking F150 or maybe the hip hop stars haven’t bought as many Lincolns as the Cadillac Escalade. But it’s a sharp looking truck! The waterfall grill, chrome, chrome and more chrome does say Bling Bling. Lincoln LT pickup truck towing Hart Horse Trailer.

Eighteen inch chrome wheels, stand out and up. Equipped right for towing in the 1/2 ton truck segment, the Mark LT comes standard with the 300 hp/ 365 torque 5.4L 3 valve Triton gas engine and 4-speed automatic. The truck I drove had the optional 3.73 limited slip axle, (the right one) 7200 # GVWR, trailer tow, power adjustable pedals, running boards, skid plates, power sliding rear window, bed extender, chrome box rails, reverse sensing system, rear seat DVD and chrome wheels, all part of a PEP 508A package.

The power rear window is fun to play with, not sure I need it. The reverse sensing system is a valuable option for parallel parking, backing up to the trailer and weaving between the neighbor kids playing in the street.  Towing capacity on the review truck is 8600 pounds, while the 4×2 is 8900 pounds. The Mark LT has all the specs of a Ford F150 SuperCrew including the 5.5′ bed. But you get the longer Lincoln 4-year, 50,000 bumper to bumper warranty.

Nice wood door and dash inserts (above), overhead console sections can be re-arranged, heated seats, oh my! I’m spoiled with heated seats. Back on the farm decades ago, didn’t even have air conditioning on my pickups, so all this luxury is addicting. The tail lamps wrap around into the tailgate like cousin LIncoln Navigator SUV. Ford/Lincoln do a great job with seats, being glued and sewn into the foam, you don’t get wrinkles that wear. The only problem I had with the seats, is the Mark LT has an extra cover on the side of the seats to cover the seat frame, and my leg drags across it when I get out (right). The crew cab looks very balanced from the side view. I like equal sized doors on a 4-door. The EPA gas mileage for the Lincoln Mark LT is 14 mpg city & 18 mpg highway.

First I towed a loaded 16′ enclosed car trailer (right), which the Lincoln towed with ease. I then matched the luxury Lincoln LT truck naturally to a premier horse trailer, Hart Thoroughbred aluminum 2 horse straight load with a ramp. This Hart model is made for the larger horses with the trailer axles set back farther to support the weight. I use Harts often in my truck reviews because of their great looks with radius corners, edges and well matched sheet metal. You won’t find bad or bad looking welds on a Hart.

The Hart horse trailer factory review will be coming soon, where I’ll show the built in strength is covered with the beautiful sheet metal. If insurance companies would crash test horse trailers like they do cars, I’m sure Hart would get a 5 star rating. The Thoroughbred trailer is 6’8″ wide, 7’7′ tall and 11′ long stalls. Comes with double rear doors, ramp, removable stall divider and full height escape doors for each side. The front dressing/tack room with full size door is carpeted. The Lincoln Mark LT and Hart Thoroughbred make a nice couple, turning heads on the interstate.

Good looking truck, spacious interior. Folding rear seat would be more functional if the amplifier & jack were behind the seat. With a 5’6″ bed you need the bed extender. Rear shocks outside of the leaf springs do improve handling. Barely fits my garage.
You know I like ramps. Yes they can be slick when it rains, so is the trailer floor and the ground etc. My trucks running boards are slick when it rains, but I still use them too climb up. Big stalls on the Hart Thoroughbred model, made for the big ones.
Full size escape doors on both sides with running boards make it easy on the handler. Butt bars (cool name) latch from the inside out so the horse helps you latch it instead of working against you. Open of the rear doors and haul horses and Harley’s.
Right amount of windows and vents. Inside is all lined. Fiberglass roof is cool and strong, I can even stand on it, jump on it. My 300 pounds of fun is per square foot if I stand on one leg. The door latches are as strong as it gets. Roomy tack/dressing room.

“Big Boy” Quarter Horse gelding provided by Animal Angels Horse Rescue at www.animal-angels-horse-rescue.org

Thanks to Transwest Truck Trailer RV for the Hart horse trailer at www.trailerwest.com

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