Hay Rack for Horse Trailer

Cause you never have enough storage on your trailer, now a bolt together aluminum hay and cargo rack gives you the space you need for your horse, cargo and car trailers. Here a great hay rack for horse trailers.

Ever wonder where you can get a hayrack for your horse trailer? Not much out there, a rack from a trailer manufacture can be costly and very costly to ship a bulky welded rack. HayRak is the solution. It comes in a box and bolts together, is adjustable and all aluminum for decades of use. It attaches to your trailer with an aluminum extrusion rail that attaches to the wall posts or radius roof edge with T-slot connections. The T-slots allow other accessories and ladder to be added to the HayRak rail. T-slots also are the connections of the rack frame that supports the rack floor.

We have the rack in the left picture elevated to show how it’s made. The frames are height adjustable to fit your trailers air vents.

HayRak is a universal fit rack from 6 ft. wide to over 8 feet. And from 6 ft. long to long as you want to go.

Attaching to your trailer walls is the strongest attachment, leaving the roof alone. No drilling holes in the roof. The aluminum extruded side rail looks great on aluminum or steel. The cross frame and rack sides are powder coated aluminum.

Modular design that’s easy to put together and adjustable. The strong T-slot rails allows the ladder to fit in different locations as well as add-on additional components will attach to the rails.

We attached the HayRak on my Logan Coach trailer to the roof radius. My trailer has Plexiglas opening so this was the best attachment point. On trailers with drop down windows, you can attach the HayRak extrusion rail lower to the wall posts.

T-slots and extruded rails can attach other accessories to your rack. The kit comes with everything. High quality aluminum made to last for decades. No welding just hand tools to bolt your HayRak together.


First we cut the  trim where the aluminum extrusion rail will bolt on. Used a chalk line to get the bolt holes level. Next we drilled the holes to attach the rail.

The extruded side rail supports the T-slot attachments for the roof rails.HayRak’s extruded side rail mounting system is ideal for fiberglass roofs which do not support normal hay racks well.
The roof rails attach in the middle of the roof with a T-slot connection. Such a simple installation.
The side pieces and floor supports are powder coated aluminum. All bolting together to make what size you need.Picture at right shows T-slot for attaching center frame.
The floor rails are are heavy aluminum 1.5 inch tubing that fits into sockets in the rack walls.
Comes with a ladder. Now you’re ready for hay, generator, water tank, tack boxes or anything else you need more room for. Having the ladder open at an angle, makes climbing easier.

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Economy Model bolts to the roof bows.

HayRak kit comes with everything you need but the tools. For more info and prices click

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