Cushion EZ Clean Horse Expo Tour Coming in 2008

Cushion EZ Clean Horse Expo Tour Coming in 2008, Come See the Future.

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Denver CO, Mar. 14-16, 2008  Many new trailer products introduced

Equine Affaire® Equine Affaire in Columbus Ohio April 10-13 2008.  New this year

Western States Horse Expo Sacramento  CA June 6-8th

NATDA trade show, Ft. Worth, TX August 27-29, 2008. New this year

2007 Brought to you by, Hart, & Trail Blazer Magazine

Come see the “Hart Horse Trailer Safety and Tech Tour,”   With the latest trailer safety and technology accessories on exhibit on tour are;  Saddlematic  electric saddle rack , Load-Up electric bale loader, Drink-up automatic water bowls inside and outside the trailer , Centramatic  automatic balancers, Fastway RV  quick  attaching weight distributing hitch, PopUp  short-bed gooseneck extensions, SuperSprings  overload truck springs , Cushion EZ Clean  rubber floor and  Pressure Pro  tire pressure monitor for trailers .  We’ll be displaying some helpful technology for safe towing. Come by, see our display and ask questions.

Our tour trailer is provided by Hart, making quality custom horse trailers since 1968. This trailer is the Ultimate model 2 horse with polished aluminum siding and stainless steel nose. Randy Stamper, sales manager, helped pick the options. Which are drop down doors on both sides, hay rack, 3″ longer tongue for wdh, 7k Dexter axles with 16″ wheels, combination lock on the dressing room, thicker rubber wall mats, and manger. Andrew Lyons suggested adding a foot to the dressing room. See my review of Hart Trailers at:


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Western States Horse Expo June 8-10 2007 Sacramento CA  Hart trailer booth. Next with

This is what you look for at horse expo’s, free magazines! Look at Dave’s new banner, is growing Trailer Specialist has nice graphics on their M2

My booth is with the Hart’s at Trailer Specialist

Logan’s new mini trailer for my motorized cooler.

Logan’s new step

More tractor booths than I’ve seen at other shows Packing is big in Sacramento Classic has a new 8′ with LQ Alexis Trailers. Alexis ran off with my cooler mobile

Crafts under the tent to the left, painting horses Plenty of shopping Horse robot to tech technique Pet treats How can you live without a vibrating manure fork?

More barn displays than I’ve seen anywhere Lots of pink feeders, water tanks and… Pink manure spreader, all for Breast Cancer raffle Some cool wagon wheel furniture like I saw at NFR and lawn furniture

Mounted shooting is everywhere. Mini-carts Several donkey back packing programs Packing into the Sierra’s is popular Logan’s first slide out

I love California Gypsies! Flowers are big here too Toyota had a track to tow trailers with their new Tundra Saw more Brenderups than other expo’s Silverlites in my color
Grand Junction Mesa County Fairgrounds Sept. 29-Oct.1, 2006 CO, pictures below.
 All American Quarter Horse Congress Oct. 7-15 Columbus Ohio , Hart trailer outside booth. pictures belowAQHA World Show Nov. 11-18 Ok City OK , Hart trailer outside booth. Pictures below. 

 Equine Affaire® Feb. 1-4, 2007 Pomona CA. Pictures below.

Horse Expo Mar, 9-11 Denver CO , inside booth. Pictures below.

Minnesota Horse Expo April 27-29 Minneapolis  Hart trailer booth.   Pictures below.

Next project for “Big Red” Kodiak disk brakes with “Red” calipers, some brake comparisons & tests.


Minnesota Horse Expo April 27-29 Minneapolis  Hart trailer booth. Pictures below.

Now this is law enforcement the way it should be. Ladies on horseback with guns.

What we look like, watch for the flashing lights and old man on motorized cooler.

Josh Widdes, shares his booth with MrTruck

Kodiak hydraulic disc brakes, spells stop fast.

This marriage was arranged at birth.

Gypsies, Truffle, Luna and Twilight. Owned by Gary and Sue Nelson.

That rare breed, I’ll have to look it up.

Integrity’s new Mark LTD. Pony Express Conversions at Widdes Trailers. Mounted shooting is showing up everywhere. Nothing funner than dressing like a 1880’s cowboy and shooting while riding a horse.

Gaited horses are taking over. Look in trail riding magazines. Or maybe it’s Minies that are taking over Lady in Red Who’s face are you sitting on? Norwegian F…. notice the colt

Dressage and Arabians

Elite rear drop down window

Pace Setter Trailers Twin Cities Featherlite, top salesman 4 Star has graphics that catch your eye

Sundowner had one of the largest horse trailers at the expo A fire wagon replica Got to appreciate all the costume work on the Arabian class Carts and wagons everywhere Star Performance Hitch, I pickup one up tomorrow for review

This street is where the horses travel in both directions for shows, it’s where you go for clinicians & how you get to the trade show. Nice to see everything from a central road One horse power wagon Budges Wilderness Lodge in Craig Colo. I race them to horse expo’s Drag race New Honda dually diesel or not. You can never have too big of truck

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Mar, 9-11 Denver CO , inside booth. We were there!

Karen Scholl has well attended clinics.

Everyone needs a Much Truck

Unique rotary manure spreader, has a future, from The Stablers, they do poo

First bumper pull Featherlite Medalist I’ve seen

Show Country Trailers have Platinum Coach with my kind of barb wire pin strip

For roadside breakdowns, 3 in a bag. We had them on for 3 days, batteries still running

Montana tractors from Triple T

Mr. Drink-Up

Cool cactus in front of Parker Trailers Sundowner

Spring Tie for your trailer

Carts have gone a muck

Greeley Saddle Club Queen

Brook makes hats in Elizabeth CO

Jim Hollister has HD conversions in Colo. Lynch Saddlery, heavy duty sport saddles from Grand Junction

MrTruck’s Crusin Cooler, least I’m towing a trailer

Tundra’s are coming, they dropped one off to me yesterday. I’m going to tow a Lakota HUT with it.

Light therapy, it’s still around and getting better. Revita Med has a boot

and you can velcro light on the injury or scar tissue. The diodes are at different angles to cover the whole area.

MD barns and guard dog. camera’s, use it to see the hitch and then take it back to the trailer. They are water proof, infrared and night vision.

I’ve mounted a couple in the Hart trailer. Magnetic base. JB welded steel washers to the walls.

Priefert, has a display at all the shows we go to.

We have two Load-Up’s on display, one on the ground for better viewing.

Equine Affaire®  , Beautiful Pomona CA. I left Denver at 10 degrees and a foot of snow. Now in Southern Caly with palm trees, in the fifties. Suppose to be 70 degrees on Sunday. There are more clinicians at Equine Affaire than I’ve seen in one place before. Lots of folks visiting my booth. Stop by and see me. See their website for the schedule, click Equine Affaire®

Big Red looks good with palm trees.

Logan’s red trailer looks familiar.

Sundowner 2h. Bumper pulls are popular here

Silverlite has a tall LQ

Craig Cameron on Hackamores

Jean Wilson is “Wonder Women” trade show boss.

RFD’s Tom Seay of “Best of America by Horseback”

Los Angeles (Department Air Rescue Team)

Rescue dummy “Lucky”

and “Rex”

Dream Coach back drop for “Best of America by Horseback” show at Equine Affaire.

Brenderup has a home in California with Pat Chowning Trailers

Platinum Coach with Cuddeback Trailers

Norwegian F Jords are cool

Golf carts not allowed so it’s Cruizen Coolers

First horse event to show off Cushion EZ Clean floor

Miniature Donkeys

Pegasus trailers

American Bashkir Curly, several exotic breeds here

Camera crews on display also.

EZ UP is at all the shows

Barns where a big draw

Carriage USA

The Horses Friend

Click to see Paint Vegas and the National Finals Rodeo at Vegas

Click to see AQHA World Show Nov. 11-18 Oklahoma City OK

Click to see All American Quarter Horse Congress Oct. 7-15 Columbus Ohio

Grand Junction Mesa County Fairgrounds Sept. 29-Oct.1, 2006 CO, pictures below.

Up I-70 near Vail, the Aspens are turning.

Near Avon, patches of gold

Big Red, our booth

Saddlematic power saddle rack, was popular with the Expo crowd.

Lunch, important place

Drink-Up, with outside quick attach bowl and self contained water tank and pump. Has a coupler for the garden hose too.

Centramatic automatic wheel balancers.

Chocks for the Fastway RV quick attach wdh.

Fastway, keeps all the heavy stuff on the trailer.

Pressure Pro tire pressure monitor.

We installed a set of SuperSprings on my truck in under 30 minutes between crowds.

Good looking banner, we spared no expense.

Horse treadmill for conditioning.

And fun to watch from the side windows.

You won’t see the picture of me trying it out

Self contained unit, recycles the water.

They can run the water 4 ft deep for your older horses to exercise backs and necks.

They also have Game Ready cold compression wrap, very similar to the one my wife used after shoulder surgery

Big custom Sundowner trailer

Similar to the Lazy River water pool I used for my knees. The water protects and extends the workout

EZ-Up, I have two sets.

I think it was for rap music

Gypsy colts are cute.

Budge’s Flattops Wilderness Lodge, horseback camping

Custom trucks

Scott Murdock Trailers

Code 3 Associates

Animal rescue, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods


Cushion EZ Clean

 Trailer Floor

EUREKA!  Saddlematic


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