Gooseneck Easy Coupler

Gooseneck Easy Coupler

 review by: H. Kent Sundling

Gooseneck Easy Coupler is the new deal you’ll want to check out. Do you climb into your truck bed on your knees, just to latch your gooseneck coupler? Or do you teeter totter on your belt buckle to reach the latch? Then do you know if your gooseneck coupler is latched? HammerBlow Bulldog couplers are on the majority of gooseneck trailers for decades. We’ve all used them and cussed them when we have to pry the handle up to unlatch and climb in the truck bed to reach in and get them latched or at least hope we have them latched. Gooseneck Easy Coupler, easy way to latch your gooseneck coupler.

Folks tell me about what they don’t like about their trailers and gooseneck couplers are a popular complaint. I hook and unhook my gooseneck every week, in the rain, in the snow and in the dripping heat lately.

It’s important to know if your coupler is latched and that the rough roads, called Interstates haven’t shook things loose. I found an aftermarket gooseneck coupler that shows you it’s latched and latches and unlatches from outside your truck bed. It’s a big improvement instead of yet another gadget with hooks for reaching the coupler latch.

Picture  at right is what you might be doing to latch your coupler just to reach it in the center of your truck bed.

It took a rancher and machinist from Iowa to build a better mouse trap. Gooseneck Easy Coupler is heavy duty, quality all the way, a complete replacement coupler tube with stainless steel latch, pin and springs.

New from Gooseneck Easy Coupler, the 9 inch extension for short-bed trucks


New greaseable pin. The main working parts are stainless steel and don’t need greased.

A cable runs from the coupler to the spring loaded latch handle on the trailer. You can see it’s latched, you can see the handle is open or closed with your mirrors going down the road.  Spring lock on the handle that you bolt to the side of your gooseneck where it’s handy to latch. 3 stainless steel springs do all the work from sliding the bottom plate in place to locking the coupler latch pin.Picture left, is the hookup spotter mirror option from Gooseneck Easy Coupler. Now you can watch your trailer find your gooseneck ball. Easy to install, stays on your trailer. Comes with fluorescent orange dots to line up your targets.

The Gooseneck Easy Coupler replaces your adjustable coupler tube. You just loosen the set bolts, slide out your old tube and slide Gooseneck Easy Coupler in. Even has the thru bolt holes for the newer Bulldog couplers on trailers the last 5 years.  The latching parts are covered, all moving parts are stainless so you don’t need to grease it.I like being able to monitor everything on my rig while going down the road, now I can see the trailer coupler is latched with my mirrors and go back to singing along with Willie Nelson.

Heavy duty parts make the coupler reliable The stainless steel pin mechanism is latched The pin mechanism slides the ball plate open when the pin latch is pulled up with the cable Attaching the cable You can see the pin mechanism is flush with ball plate

Pin out with latch unlocked Shield covers the moving parts and… …looks good Installing cable to gooseneck frame Heavy duty cable fits handle, you can tell machinist are involved
Below is the lever that locks open or closed. No more climbing in your truck bed or leaning over the bed rail to latch the gooseneck coupler. You can see it from your truck cab and know it’s secure. Down for unlatched, up for latched. Put it where you want it.

Unlatched Latched Unlatched Latched
Or do you want a piece of sheet metal (pictures left) holding your latch pin down on your coupler? I have bent standard coupler hold-down metal before just trying to latch it. Gooseneck Easy Coupler is a dramatic improvement over what comes on most trailers.

Backup Mirror, because you asked for it

Backup mirror so you can see the gooseneck reach the ball. If comes with self-tapping screws and alignment dots.

Align trailer mirror to truck rearview mirror Marking drill holes Center punch Drill holes smaller than screws

Self-tapping screws You can see the 1.5″ fluorescent orange dots You see the dots again through the rearview mirror See what you’ve been missing

For more info:  ph. 319-592-3736

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