Fastway Trailer Accessories, Simple and Sweet

Fastway Flip: Do you carry a wood block or two with you for unhooking your bumper pull trailers so you don’t get tennis elbow cranking down your jack? Progressive Mfg, know for their Equalizer weight distributing hitches, have some new trailer products that are genius and simple.

Fastway Flip automatically folds up and down on the bottom of your jack tube. Crank the trailer jack up and Flip folds up when the jack outer tube contacts Flip. Then when cranking the trailer jack down, Flip unfolds and self aligns the jack tube inside Flip. Fits 2 inch and 2 1/4 inch jack tube round or square. 1400 lb tongue weight capacity. Adds 6” to jack when it folds out, no more blocks. Install is so easy, just drill one bolt hole thru the jack tube, Flip has a template built in for drilling. Just set Flip on it’s back on a block flat and level, drill thru guide holes in the flip on each side. Add the large washer and attach Flip to the jack tube with one bolt.

30 minute install, so slick. Comes with all the hardware, a self locking nut, just don’t over tighten.

Fastway Zip: Lots of folks weave the trailer emergency breakaway cable thru the safety chain to keep it out of the way, but that’s not the legal way to attach the cable. But if you just go directly to the safety chain hooks, the loose cable flaps in the wind and I’ve seen the cable get hooked on a 5th wheel frame and trigger the trailer brakes. You don’t want the cable dragging on the road either.  It’s a common problem. I’ve had the cables brake and ended up tying a knot in them to get on down the road. Fastway has a coiled coated cable that makes all the difference. This is what Fastway Zip is, a coiled coated cable that stays out of the way.

Zip trailer breakaway cable and switch has a heavy duty spring loaded hook. The cable is coated and coiled, most steel cables are uncoated and can rust.

Install was fast, Zip with a switch attaches with one bolt. The battery wires splices to the wires going to the breakaway battery and trailer brakes. This is a good time to test the trailer emergency breakaway battery. If you don’t use your trailer often, the trickle charge while connected to your truck won’t keep the battery charged. My trailer is two years old and the battery was dead. Lately police have been checking the trailer breakaway system when they pull folks over with trailers, another reason to check the battery charge.

You can buy the cable and switch or just the cable. One of those small accessories that will become your favorite.

More info at www.FastwayTrailer.com  800-478-5578

By MrTruck @ mrtruck.com

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