Four-Wheel Steer Truck

National Western Stock Show, one of my favorite events and it’s even in Denver. I was on a 4-H county wool judging team when I was 13 during the Stock Show and each year from our high school FFA annual trips to covering the action now, it just makes me smile to be there. I take pictures of the cowboys riding the Long Horn steers in the Stock Yards, check out the excitement at the Jr. Livestock sale and watch the horse shows, miniature Hereford shows and of course see what’s new with horse trailers, diesels and tractors. One of the new loaders I first spotted at the Stock Show, a couple of years back, is the Bobcat Toolcat.


About  the Four-Wheel Steer Truck Bobcat Toolcat

I took my new toy out to the George Eidsness horse ranch, for you guessed it, cleaning corrals. We also burned a few donuts in George’s inside roping arena as we scooped up some sand to make a softer stall for a pregnant mare.  Andrew Lyons of Transwest Truck and Trailer and his son piloted the Toolcat so I could do my job with the camera. My other job was to open gates to stalls for Andrew and give George’s horses a chance to escape. You never know how fast you can run in Cowboy boots until you leave a few gates open.

Of course a cutting edge 4-wheel-steer machine like the Toolcat needs to be towed by a cutting edge 4-wheel-steer truck like the Denali Quadrasteer. I’m spoiled with driving both machines that turn on a dime. The Toolcat weighing in just under 5000 #’s add a 1000 for the trailer and the Toolcat was a good test for the first year 2002 GMC Denali Quadrasteer.

Seeing how we were playing with the Toolcat at the George Eidsness horse ranch, I wanted George to drive the Quadrasteer Denali towing the 4-Wheel-Steer Toolcat. George is a towing veteran, and liked the towing combination, telling me the 4-Wheel-Steer truck handled the bumper pull loaded trailer like a gooseneck, eliminating most of the trailer sway. “Until you tow with a Quadrasteer, you won’t see the great benefit.” George was pleasantly surprised at the Quadrasteer difference.


Four-Wheel Steer Bobcat Toolcat Features

Now this is my kind of loader. An air conditioned cab, 4×4, 4-wheel-steer, quick-attach loader and dump bed. And it’s got a receiver hitch so it’s perfect for hay ride trailers and will tow up to 4000#’s. The Bobcat Toolcat I used is a 5600 B. The suspension is similar to a truck with leaf springs on the back and coil springs on the front axle. The Toolcat has a hydrostatic drive, like a combine with cruise control, and hi/low range. So like any good loader you can maneuver around with ease and run the loader with its joystick control lever.

World famous quick-attach Bobcat attachments. Bobcat has more attachments for it’s loaders than I have time to review. But whatever you might need, the Toolcat has a loader tool that can make it easier. The Toolcat’s loader will reach 7ft. Enough to load your round bales and scoop snow. So when you’re at the Stock Show this year and you see a Toolcat running around, take a look at it.


Four-Wheel Steer Bobcat Toolcat Advantages

Visibility is great even in the enclosed cab with ac and heat. I just needed a CD so I could listen to some rap music while I work. The cab is roomy with lots of glass and two seats so you can keep your co-pilot passenger along to help navigate. (When my wife’s not riding with me I tend to miss my exit more than once.) The rear dump bed is hydraulic with stack pockets to add side boards so you can haul more manure or hay or salt blocks or grandkids or… up to 2000#’s. The All-Wheel-Steer feature of the Toolcat makes turning corners and running the loader in small spaces easy. I like this better for driving with the loader all the way up, than an articulating loader bending in the middle.

You might want to rent a Toolcat, try it out. It’s a good way to get the chores done fast. Or buy one for your teenager, it does go 18 mph. Just tell them it’s a cool truck for helping them clean corrals. The well loaded Toolcat 5600 I used cost close to $37,000, but it is a diesel and made to last decades like your farm tractor.

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