My Fitness Butler is an account of Darci Balogh’s experience losing weight while working out with a personal trainer.

Before you gain anything you have to lose it all

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a personal trainer?

Join Darci Balogh as she spends a year with her “Fitness Butler” and loses over 100 pounds. From the first moment she steps into the intimidating surroundings of a gym to her ultimate understanding of what it takes to face your fears and your fat.

With humor, sweat and tears she changes her life. Her story will inspire you.


“This is great stuff!
Funny, amusing, painful, insightful. I can see the two of them…win or lose this is inspirational.”

Sally Simon — Author

“With wisdom, insight, and raw wit, My Fitness Butler transparently exposes Darci’s passage into health and fitness. We triumph with her as we watch how her failure becomes her success and her loss becomes her gain.”

Michaelann A. Cox, Psy.D. — Psychologist


August, 2005

I weigh 320 pounds.

There it is, right out there in the open like that it looks surreal to me. 320 pounds is a lot to weigh. Trust me on this. I know all of you who could never imagine weighing this much must look at me and be appalled. I know those of you who weigh this much or more must look at yourself and be appalled. I know I am.

It took me a relatively short time to get to this weight, a matter of a few years. I’ve kept it on for over a decade now and it’s starting to ruin my body. My lower back is stiff and sore in the mornings. My knees are unreliable and my heart races at even the thought of a staircase.

Normally I don’t weigh myself (I also avoid full length mirrors). I know that I weigh 320 pounds because nearly two weeks ago I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. That’s what this book is about. This is a work of non-fiction. A real live fat girl at the gym with a personal trainer. Sweating, straining and hopefully trimming off some of this 320 pound frame that has haunted me over the past decade of my life. If everything I’ve read is true more than the weight will disappear. I’ve heard that emotions are realized and released. Behaviors are brought out into the open, smacked around a little bit and then forced to change into something more productive, more healthy, more beautiful. This is what I’m hoping for. I’m hoping to not only change my body but to come to a better place in my life where I can be more productive, healthy and beautiful. It’s exciting and it’s scary and I needed some help which is exactly what I got.

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