Quarterhorse Congress 2006 in Ohio

All American Quarter Horse Congress Oct. 7-15 Columbus Ohio , Hart trailer outside booth. Pictures below.Day 1 Well I’m here, couldn’t unload until after 7 pm. Rules, rules, rules. The folks from Kerlin Motors helped me unload the truck. I’ve heard Lonny (MrTrailer) won’t be here this year. I thought they would name a building here after him. I’ll take some new pictures of Sport Chassis’s big red pickup truck. Lots of International conversions this year. I see Blue Ribbon trailers now has some horse trailers. They started out just making livestock trailers. When it rains here, the old north building leaks bad. The only building where folks go outside when it rains. Cimarron has another tall trailer this year, I’ll get pictures. Here is what I have today.


What to look for.

The leaves are falling in Illinois

Kiefer Built has enclosed bulkheads

So does Eby

Bloomer has some gigantic tack rooms

Day 2 There are some hay racks on the big LQ’s that look like space ships this year.

Sport Chassis M2 pickup

Bloomer’s enclosed bulkhead

C&C Trailers

Lance has a bunch of campers

Schwalbe Peterbilts

Lakota has an interesting tip out room on 2h bp LQ

Outlaw conversion support trailer

4-Star has an interesting rear tack with spare tire

Leonard’s has an cool horse paint job on a M2

Follow this row of Harts to my booth

Cimarron has a couple of tall trailers

Blue Ribbon now has a stock combo trailer

Hawk has some bright colors

Coaches, oh my!

Day 3 Diesel generator, the long ladder and hay racks.

Sundowner of Ohio has International conversions as well as Sport Chassis

Sundowner telescoping rack ladder

Diesel generator, nice to use the same fuel as the truck and fuel efficient.

UCRV 3500 watt diesel generator installed from Kerlin Trailers

Wonder Rack, bale hoist, water tank and hay rack

Day 4

A Pete limo from Lone Star

Lakota manual extended tip out

Valley trailers

C&C trailers

Summit trailers

Seeing more F650’s this year

Stallion trailers

Bunkhouse conversions

Onan diesel generators

Bee trailers

Day 5, my last week at Motel 6, life is too short. Now I have to find another motel chain or maybe a LQ, a red trailer with a 28′ short wall.

Lot of short bed extension couplers

International RXT

Miley trailers

Cherokee trailers

 Predator Coach Works, when you need 6 doors

Featherlite, I just love red trailers

Sooner trailers

International from Western Hauler

Classy Chassis

Oh, and yes there are some horses

Day 6, Rain, wind, then more rain. Between rains though it’s nice. Tomorrow we’ll be installing the Load-Up remote control bale loader. Might even install some Drink-Ups. Keep coming by the booth to catch all the action.

News flash just in, “Girls Gone Wild” film crew spotted lurking around Congress interviewing college students on horseback. MrTruck has been sedated after learning of the rumor.

Colorful C4500

Cinch/Monroe packages on a C4500

Gore trailers

Sooner big black shinny trailer

Sooner gator couch

Western Hauler International interior

Sport Chassis interior

Schwalbe Peterbilt interior

Featherlite electric saddle rack

Saddlematic hydraulic saddle rack

Day 7,


Every kind of horse event

Bloomer vent window

Featherlite new Medalist

Drink-Up stall water


Day 8

Two days of wind, this horse statue had enough

Cutter conversion


American Spirit

Trails West

Cherokee Dream Catcher conversion


Integrity & Cowboy Customs, stained glass

Steve Flick Saddles

Ag Cam, you learn a lot in future articles about these

Day 9, we’ll have video of a little of the Super Sale today as soon as I can get back to broadband

Nice plastics


Chicks, shop till you drop

UPS golf cart

Ohio is where golf carts go to retire

Wow, wish I was a Congress Queen

Yep, you can order your very own MrTruck.com belt buckle at Gist.

Big Ass Fans, what else would you call them

MP & KD, nice horns, I have a wall like this

Covered wagon on their way to Congress

Super Sale Excitement at Congress  Super Sale clip preview on MrTruck.TV online. See what’s coming as we fine tune future broadcasts and bring you video of events, interviews, installs and reviews.

Day 10, my last day

This is the way to tow a trailer

Cimarron has a triple slide trailer with a basement and 6′ bedroom ceiling

Bought my first Ultra Low Sulfur diesel on the way home, notice yellow nozzle

The new diesel label


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