Cimarron horse trailer Wedge design saves fuel

Cimarron’s Wedge, the shape of the Future.

Cimarron has partnered with Transwest Truck Trailer RV this year as the new “Official Horse Trailer of the National Western Stock Show”. One of Cimarron’s new trailer designs, custom made to Andrew Lyons specs, called the “Wedge,” will be at the NW. The concept of the new trailer is less drag with a down slope roofline and a 3 point radius nose. Michael Terry, president of Cimarron Trailers explained that the most aerodynamic shape is a rain drop, which is big at the front and narrow at the tail. You see this shape in bicycle helmets. So why not a horse trailer? Cimarron horse trailer Wedge design saves fuel.

Their are horse trailers with a tall gooseneck Living Quarters similar to RV 5th wheels. The new Wedge has a continuous sloping roof. Eight foot seven inches at the front, sloping to seven foot one inch at the tailgate. A similar tall nose Cimarron trailer was introduced at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Ohio, but this is the first introduction of the full sloping roof. It’s a trailer with smooth lines, from the angled hay rack to the concealed black and grey holding tanks. The rear doors have angled trim and the gooseneck gusset is enclosed for a compartment. It reminds me of the cars from the twenties and thirties, the Duisenberg’s, Auburn’s and Cord’s. Function and design, we’re use to seeing the same box horse trailers we’ve had for decades. A change in design is overdue.

 Left picture. Tucked under the bottom rail, black and grey water holding tanks.

The Cimarron  Wedge has more interior room, less wind drag for better stability and a stronger shape than a conventional horse trailer. Cimarron reinforced the neck with thicker cross members and skin. I’m predicting this shape to be a trend in LQ horse trailers. So nice to have more room in the neck, instead of the “cave” bedroom. Feet space on each side of the  queen bed in the neck is unique. Utilizing the extra nose space, two 60 gallon fresh water tanks are under the queen size bed.

This Cimarron Norstar LX, 4 horse slat LQ with Outlaw conversion is equipped to the max from double door refrigerator, DirectTV, ducted heat and air, to a central vacuum system. Suede walls, porcelain sinks and toilet. Floor level sofa in the slider with no step-up to the couch is another feature making the Living Quarters like home. The Living Quarters is a 15ft. short wall, with an 8.5″ slider. The trailer is eight feet wide, seven feet nine inch tall and a thirty-two feet six inch trailer floor. The nose is 9 ft. 7 in. long.  STI air ride with Dexter axles and Dexter 2 piston disc brakes. Yes stopping ability is important.

 Picture left. Floor level sofa with no step-up to the couch. Just like home.

The 3 point radius nose besides being more aerodynamic gives you another wardrobe. Eighteen inches more room in the nose past the gooseneck tube. This V-shaped nose doesn’t interfere with the truck cab. Though this particular trailer is made for a truck larger than a one-ton. Come by and see the new Wedge, it will be next to the new Toyota Tundra truck being introduced at the National Western. That will be next months article.

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