Cimarron new EZ angle hay rack ladder

Cimarron’s New EZ Angle Hay Rack Ladder

Do you use your hay rack? Most horse trailer rack ladders are not easy to climb nor are they very heavy duty. Cimarron knows how to make ladders that don’t bend or flex when my 280 lbs climb them. Cimarron has one of the best factory hay rack ladders in the horse trailer business. A true ladder with flat rungs and high capacity. You can lift your bales, gas can, bags of feed and spare tires running right up the ladder. Having the ladder pull away from the trailer at 22 degrees makes it less work. It’s hard to climb straight up a barn style ladder.

At the top where the ladder connects to the trailer, is a heavy plastic channel with rollers that allows the ladder to slide down and out extending from the trailer to the ground. When you’re done with the ladder, it sits in rubber sockets like many doors use to stay open. A good looking usable factory ladder from Cimarron Trailers.

Timeline below shows you how easy it is to use, the Cimarron EZ Angle Ladder

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Thanks to ladder model Stephanie Kosik and Transwest Truck Trailer RV for the Cimarron Trailer

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