SEMA show in Vegas 2005

SEMA 2005, MrTruck and MrHemi reporting.

We camped at Circus Circus KOA campground as part of my review of the 06 Featherlite SURV toy hauler. As our SEMA HQ, the trailer worked well & we we’re within fat boy walking distance to buffet & slot machines. This is the only RV park on the strip. SEMA show in Vegas 2005.

SEMA Accessories

Kimberly-Clark, I use their shop towels and now I’m trying their “Grip” gloves. They work for around the shop and I keep a pair in the diesel pickups for fuel fill ups. WD-40, a house hold name for penetrating oil, even arthritis. New “No Mess Pen” to touch just where you want it without a spray mess. And new straw for WD-40 cans. (You know the one you usually loose) Folded down it shoots a mist, folded out, it’s the pinpoint straw we all use. I carry Slime and their air compressor in my tool box. It works. Something new. I used the “Hell Ya” towing the Featherlite back from Vegas. It did keep me from bottoming out the tongue jack on dips and I noticed a difference on curves. The whole story coming.


The year for Big Trucks at SEMA. SportChassis joins International with a large display

A year ago at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Ohio,  I was doing circle contests with the SportChassis M2 and the GMC Denali Quadrasteer. Of course the Quadrasteer won. But when I shut off the 4-Wheel Steer, the Freightliner SportChassis M2 won. When means the M2 can turn tighter than just about any truck.

A Baja look complete with surf boards. The Sportchassis Pickup

And little and big duals

Incredible interiors

Colors where vivid

Big crowds

A show stopper

I like flames

Extra fuel tank

Cutouts showing Sportchassis bed frame

I really like flames

International has brought the big trucks a couple years now. Even a Ford F650 6-door

#1 MrTruck and MrHemi ready for next year.

2 New 06 Commander with Hemi

3 Tall trucks

4 Unbelievable colors

5 Taylor Wings, I’m still trying to get a set to review. They claim 10% better MPG

6 I rode in this Quadrasteer diesel limo a year ago, it’s late to SEMA and too late to save Delphi QS

7 But it is a cool 6 door Quadrasteer limo

8 Another freedom truck, with it’s own color guard

9 Not quite as nice as last year, but a nice entry

10 Triples on a tall International

11 The skull blower was too cool

12 Can’t remember what this was, but had to be about trucks.

13 Speakers and video screens where everywhere

14 Cool V-8 welder

15 PT Cruiser truck, no Hemi

Drunk picture of staff deleted for your protection

16 MrHemi doing important truck interview

17 Tuff Hemi, bush guard with winch

18 Here is our HQ at SEMA, beer, cigars and walking distance to slots

19 New mudflaps from Enkay Rocktamers

20 They made us drink free beer & eat shrimp at press conferences

21 A little crowded at APEX, this is just the line to bathroom

22 Hummers have the most Bling Bling

23 Fancy C4500

24  I like tall trucks, plenty this year, C4500

25 And such large speakers, C4500

26 Brilliant colors

27 Lot of Titans

28 Fans for diesels are popular.

29 Auto Meter, gauges were a popular display

30 Bright colors

31 Our friends at PML covers

32 Guys from Two Guys Garage were following us around. Saw Stacey David too from Truck TV

33 It was Halloween

34 Tall Quadrasteer

35 with these, the bed is just to haul the ladder around

36 Cool Keystone scoops

37 Westins accessories

38 This car blows!

39 Great detail in classics

40 Cool Wheels!

41 Bumper steps

42 Six jacks and the whole….

43 Eighteen wheeler is in the air

44 Big grill, front

45 Why is the arrow pointing upward?

46 Ram-o-tent

47 Lots of choppers on the weekend in Vegas

48 Nice to see shaker hood on a truck

49 Tall and detailed

50 Chassis detail

51 How big can the wheels get?

52 A real grill guard

53 This is the Ram MrTruck should be driving

54 Big wheels

55 Tested one of these too, You can sleep in the bed or pull it behind a ATV on the snow.

56 It even opens, could be the next big  hood

57 H2 full of colors

58 Nice wheels

59 Lots of tandem axle H2s this year

60 Video screens where everywhere, gas caps.

61 Fishing rod antenna

62 It’s the next thing in trailer control

63 I will have a complete review soon

64 Grill and Ram bumper

65 Speakers, speakers, speakers

66 This one’s for Texas

67 This truck opened up just to…

68 Show all it’s speakers

69 Bold and the beautiful

70 Off road tool boxes

71 Nice truck with Valley rack

72 Back of the nice rack

73 This is called a ramp tailgate which folds to make a tailgate too

74 The ramp

75 Wouldn’t you know it Toyota makes a clone to a Hummer

76 Awesome Ram, matching bike

77 Matching gas pump

78 Rock climbing is bigger each year and SEMA

79 Even junk trucks have a place at SEMA

80 The inside was cool with a skull shifter

81 Good thing I bought an aluminum floor jack at SEMA for the flat on the way home

82 Can’t tell if this is truck worship or lost contact

83 Not often you see a custom Tucker, it was a reproduction thankfully

84 This cap folds into a tonneau cover, hopefully we’ll review

85 Look at the inside, cylinders to make it fold


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