Aeroshield truck wind deflector

Wind Deflectors

As I said in the article, a wing can help direct the air over the trailer nose. Having a wing that folds down when you aren’t towing makes since. AeroShield from Icon Technologies Limited, comes completely assembled, ready for quick installation on any vehicle. Rubber suction cups and nylon straps anchor to your trucks roof seam without drilling.  It can be adjusted to any angle, for aerodynamic efficiency by directing the air over the top and sides of the trailer. It folds flat when not in use, not causing drag and making car washes cheap. My last wing didn’t fold and I had to go to big truck washes and pay the big bucks. Even in the flat position, the AeroShield deflects the wind, reducing tailgate drag. Made of polymer and aircraft aluminum, the AeroShield is designed to flow with the lines of your truck. You can paint the AeroShield to match your vehicle paint code. Aeroshield truck wind deflector.

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