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Compact Tractors For Your Special Property

Montana Tractors

If you have acreage, you know you need help with mowing, post hole digging, corral cleaning, road maintenance, and maybe snow plowing. You don’t have time to do it all by hand and who wants that much exercise. Montana tractors are made in South Korea. Which is the premiere location for quality small tractors. You’ll notice the automakers from South Korea are now toping the J.D. Powers quality ratings. This is important as a herd of cheap tractors from China are available now. Can’t wait for the recalls to start. Do you suppose the Chinese make tractors and toys in the same factories? Acreage tractor for small farms.

Montana Tractors originally were manufactured by LG, the electronics giant which owned LS Cable. Now LS Cable independently manufactures Montana Tractors and TYM Tractors. In a short time, the new “green” tractors have rapidly become a major player in the under 100 hp category. Montana’s range from 23 hp to 70 hp. The 23 hp tractor with hydrostatic transmission is ideal for inside your barn. The foot pedals for changing direction is fast for getting the chores done.  My tractor is hydrostatic and I love how easy it is to change direction.

Float on loader, draft-load sensing hydraulics and 3-point let you level your dirt jobs in both directions. And with a tight turning radius, speed is the common theme for getting work done. On the cab model below, the high lights front and rear, make those winter chores when there’s not enough daylight, a whole lot safer.

Model 4340 with cab and 115 loader reviewed below, has 43 horsepower. The model 115 loader lifts over 2000 lbs over 9 ft in the air.  Electric PTO for painless engaging your mower. The hood lifts up for easy access to the engine. Wish my tractors back on the farm did that. Clean hood and cab frame open up visibility that you need with a loader. The creeper gear setting, lets the tractor crawl for those slow jobs.

On each side of the seat are the shifting levers. On the left (picture left) are the 4×4 and creeper controls. On the right of the seat is the single lever loader stick to lower loader and tip bucket at the same time, the Hi-Lo transmission range, the 4 speed shifter and the 3-point control levers and remote hydraulic levers. This tractor has the manual synchro shuttle transmission with 16 forward and rearward gears. The shuttle transmission allows quick shifting forward and reverse for loader operation. Hydrostatic transmissions are an option on eight tractors.
Quick attach loader comes off easy, can change attachments fast without tools and fit most skid steer coupler attachments. You can even easily reach the loader stick when outside the tractor for pulling posts or running the post hole digger. Tractor Review

I’ve owned many loader tractors in my decades on the farm, had a backhoe business and custom haying. I like green tractors, grew up with John Deere and Oliver. Montana tractors have what I look for as a solid easy to maneuver tractor. Joystick single loader lever has no slop, reacts at the right speed for control. You can even easily reach the loader stick when outside the tractor for pulling posts or running the post hole digger. I operated the model 4340 which even with a cab had great visibility, entry and access. It turned a tight circle and all the controls were easy to reach without leaning.

Using the float feature on the loader makes leveling the ruts in my road around the barn simple. You can use the loader float and three point rear blade with light pressure to level a road going forward and backward for speed. The 4WD is such and important option. In my haying business, I learned I could use a 70 hp 4WD to do the work of a 120 hp 2WD tractor pulling round balers. Last year in Colorado, we had a big winter with snow every weekend. A 4WD Montana with a cab, loader and snow blower could make me a hit with the neighbors. Usually I get paid in popcorn balls for plowing the yards on my road.

Call Kyle, tell him “MrTruck” sent you. Topar Trailers has dozens of tractors and the toys to go with them. 719-680-9088 (Mobile)

SubCompact Tractors

Montana 2740 – 27 HP  & Montana 3240 – 32HP

  • 4 Wheel Drive Compact Tractors

  • 27HP or 32 HP 3 cylinder Daedong Diesel Engines

  • 8 x 8 Synchromesh Shuttle Transmission

  • Underhood Exhaust for good visibility

  • Diff lock and 4WD standard

  • 3-point linkage with 540 PTO

  • Single remote valve for extra control, standard

Premium Compact

Montana 3040 – 30HP      Montana 3840 – 38HP     Montana 4540 – 45HP

  • Powerful 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesel Engines

  • 4 Wheel Drive

  • 12 x 12 Synchromesh Shuttle Transmission

  • Independent 540 PTO for your implements

  • Strong 3-point linkage

  • 2 remote valves standard

  • Hydraulics can be set for position or draft control

  • Premium by name- Premium by performance

  • Backed by a 3 year warranty

HST Premium Compact

Montana 3440HST – 34HP     Montana 3940HST – 39HP

  • Full Hydrostatic Transmission

  • Choose a speed range then push one pedal for forward, the other for reverse

  • 4 Wheel Drive

  • Diff lock

  • Tough 3-point linkage with high capacity lift

  • Full hydraulics and 2 remote valves standard

  • Foldable ROPS frame for tight spots

Utility Tractors

Montana 4320/40 – 43HP     Montana 4920/40 – 49HP     Montana 5720/40 – 57HP

  • Available in either 2WD or 4WD

  • Mitsubishi 4 cylinder Diesel Engines

  • 16 x 16 Synchromesh Shuttle Transmission with creeper gears

  • Full Hydrostatic steering with tight turning radius

  • 2 remote hydraulic valves are standard (1-4320/40)

  • Large Multiplate disc brakes

  • Low profile with good ground clearance

  • Independent 540 PTO

Utility Cab Tractors

Montana 4320/40 – 43hp   Montana 4920/40 – 49HP       Montana 5720/40 – 57HP

  • This is not just any cab it is special

  • Roomy, comfortable and quiet

  • Wide doors for easy access

  • Large seat with adjustable suspension

  • 360 degree all around visibility

  • Heater and AC are standard

  • All controls easy to get to

  • Ashtray, cup-holder, AM FM radio,  roof hatch, and rear wiper

  • Two work lights at both the front and back of the cab

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