Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Rail System

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3200 – Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Rail System -Steel Rail version

Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel RailOrder now: Price: $804.99 (USA)

Introducing the 5th Wheel Rails Version of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

The future of 5th wheel hitches is finally here…

Revolutionizing the 5th wheel towing industry, the popular rail mount Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is now better than ever because it comes with our patented ball-funnel to make hook up even easier! With the new ball-funnel you can be up to 3-inches off of the ball in any direction and it will still drop onto the ball no problem! The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is the most innovative 5th wheel hitch in the world! With a base that weighs in at just 40 lbs, we have completely eliminated the common struggle of getting your 5th wheel hitch into the bed of your truck. The base of this unit can be completely installed or removed in less than a minute. Andersen Hitches has truly found the solution to making life simple!

Designed to work in short bed, standard bed, and long bed trucks, the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection gives you an incredibly smooth and quiet ride unrivaled in any other 5th wheel hitch on the market today.

The ball of the Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection has nearly 3″ of adjustable height and rides inside a greaseless coupler — that means no more dirty hands and no more mess for your 5th Wheel Rails!  And since the coupler rides on a ball, it has more swivel in every direction than any other 5th wheel hitch available. This also gives you the ability to couple or uncouple your trailer on uneven terrain. Now that’s convenience!

Features Include:

  • Fastest install time of any 5th wheel hitch on the market.
  • Lightest weight rail mount 5th wheel hitch available – only 40 lbs!
  • Features new ball-funnel for easy hook up –up to 3″ off ball center!
  • Weight rating: 20,000 lbs GTWR, 4,500 tongue weight
  • More swivel in every direction of any 5th wheel hitch available.
  • Trailer can easily be connected or disconnected on any terrain.
  • Ball rides on a greaseless coupler -no more dirty hands, no more mess!
  • Fitted with Andersen’s remote release cable assembly (No need to climb in and out of the truck bed to lock coupler)
  • One person install.
  • One of the lowest cost 5th wheel hitches on the market.
  • Installs onto industry standard rails in both long bed or short bed trucks without any special parts or adapters.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Three height adjustments: 15-3/4″ lower position, 16-7/8″ middle position and 18″ upper position (from top of rails to top of ball mount)

Manuals and Other Documentation

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INSTALLATION MANUAL – #3200 Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection, Rail Mount Version.


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DIMENSIONS – #3200 GOOSENECK VERSION – Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection, Rail Mount Version.


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$5 Million Warranty – 5th Wheel Rails $5 Million supplemental warranty.


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