2007 Sport Track review

07 Ford Sport Trac, Bigger Better Idea

Sport Trac 2007, is wider and longer with new Rear Independent Suspension, improving on what I thought was a comfortable ride. Heated windshield, a lockable hard bed cover option and now V-8 power, answers Honda’s Ridgeline competition. Even 3 bed floor storage compartments in a bed that’s wider and deeper with 25% more cargo area. With the safety features of it’s cousin the Explorer, the 07 Sport Trac is rated 5 stars safety. 2007 Sport Track review.

Sport Trac brings in new customers from other brands to Ford as does the Mustang. Not an easy task in today’s market. The wheelbase 130.5 in. making it 16.8 inches longer than Explorer. I know a lot of folks that tow with their Explorers. Sport Trac is rated to tow 6,800#’s with the first time 4.6L V-8 that I drove with the 6-speed automatic transmission. The V-8 with 292 horse power and 300 ft.-lbs torque, has a 1430#’s payload, 3.73 axle ratio is standard.

 The cargo cover locks and opens on each end. A lockable storage compartment across the front of the bed and smaller ones at the rear.  The bed is plastic so no need for a bedliner, it’s built in. The Sport Trac’s I drove had the cargo extender.

I took the 07 Sport Trac off road near Camp Pendleton. With front and rear traction control, it climbed like a rock crawler. Having traction control using the ABS brakes instead of limited slip or locking differential, allowed me to turn corners in 4WD, have traction and no wheel hop.  In 4 low, traction control is faster, with great control stopping and starting on inclines. I drove the winding roads from San Diego to Laguna Beach, enjoying the Sport Trac’s handling. Roll Stability Control, standard on the Sport Trac, great for a truck with an empty bed as well as stability in bad road conditions. I think all trucks need it.

Room back seat with a unique curve to the “c” pillar separating the cabin from the bed. Front seat area relates to the Explorer. Tie downs on the bed along with the hard bed cover, gives you the opportunity to manage your cargo. Next picture, “hose it out” rubber floor is nice for off-roading and mud. Getting so spoiled with GPS, I’m lost without it. Ford brought us some Sport Trac club enthusiast with their customized trucks. Folks do love their trucks! A drop down rear window is planed for later this year.

Towing a Cimarron 2 horse with one horse for a couple hundred miles, the Sport Trac handled well. Gas mileage dropped like a rock when towing, as is typical of smaller vehicles. Cimarron Norstar bumper trailers are slick, towing easily. The tapered nose sheet metal goes all the way down past the V-tongue. Stainless steel nose strip looks great, 18 degree nose. Cimarron bumper tow trailers are one of the few trailers that tow easy loaded and empty. Not all trailers tow well when empty. carpeted tack room and bridle rack.

Unique feed door guard shape. The Sport Trac matched up well with the 2 horse Cimarron. My Paint mare loads easy.

When I review new trucks and SUV’s, I use several horse trailer brands. I’ve been impressed with how the Cimarron bumper pull trailers fall inline and don’t move. Cimarron is one of the easiest towing aluminum bumper trailers I’ve used. So I looked it over and compared and don’t know exactly the secret, but the nose is narrow with the nose walls going all the way down past the tongue. The tongue is short with plenty of room for tight corners. It has 15 inch tires and sits low with an excellent load height at the rear. Most of the new SUV’s have independent rear suspension or at least rear coil springs. This helps with the empty ride of a SUV, but will make a trailer sway more. The Cimarron bumper pulls straight.

Tough job reviewing trucks at Laguna Beach CA. Saw a couple of Blue whales following the beach. Quite a change from being a farmer/rancher to jet jumping monthly to drive the latest greatest trucks and SUV’s, but someone has to do it, dadgum it. At least I bring pictures back for you.

Thanks to Transwest Truck Trailer RV for the Cimarron trailer.www.TrailerWest.com


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