Finally, a weight distribution hitch
that works with surge brakes!!

Works with surge brakes!!


The Equal-i-zer sway control hitch restricts the side to side movement of your boat trailer, but does not restrict the forward-back motion.

The weight distributing arms are allowed to slide back and forth on the trailer brackets. This unique function allows your surge brake to function properly.

Equal-i-zer brand hitch offers three main benefits to boat owners:

Buil-in sway control!1) Weight Distribution: The trailer and tow vehicle will be level as you pull.

2) Built-in sway control: Protection against passing semis and cross winds

3) Compatible with surge brakes.

There are two options for attaching the Equal-i-zer to a pole tongue style trailer. 

#1 Pole tongue adapter. (Left Picture below)  Part # 95-01-5950.  Cost for the pole tongue adapter is $116.  This attaches to the trailer frame and spreads the arms out as if it were an A-frame.  The pole tongue adapter attaches to the frame of the trailer in approximately the same spot as the normal brackets.  Between 27” and 31” back from the center of the coupler is ideal.  You will need to see if this area is clear. Order...

#2 The best option is to use the existing brackets. (Right Picture above)  Eliminate the two inside link plates.  Bolt the outside link plates directly together around the pole tongue trailer.  Two jam (half) nuts will be needed for the L-bracket to fit properly.  We will include the jam nuts if they are ordered with the hitch.  The brackets also need to be somewhere between 27” and 31” back from the center of the coupler.  The arms will then ride straight back instead of spread out.  There aren’t any functional or performance issues using the Equal-i-zer this way.

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