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Portable Horse Coral

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From trail riding to high school rodeo, portable corrals solve problems.

Travel-n-Corrals horse corrals go with your trailer: Assembled display

Travel-n-Corrals horse corrals go with your trailer: Portable corrals, make traveling with your horses, a whole lot easier. Ideal for trail riding and getting as far away from the crowd as possible. Travel N Corrals are galvanized steel made to last decades. The best steel trailers have galvanized steel frames. Another advantage is the corrals are welded first then galvanized, so the welds are galvanized. The round tube posts dig in the ground to stay put. Full length 4′ panel connecting tubes are simple to connect and open your corrals at any panel you want. Having a 4′ hinge tube also keeps horses from lifting the panels open.

Travel N Corrals as seen on RFD TV-Equestrian Nation  


I’m always finding new ways to use my Travel N Corrals. I’ve used them to separate yearlings and introduce new horses to each other. I surround my hay stack with Travel N Corrals when I turn the horses in the yard to graze and I use them to protect trees and bushes. Light and easy to move, I can also selective graze with them. Far right pictures, self feeding large round bales.

How to Choose the Best Trail Rider Trailer

Precious 4-legged friends are safe with Travel N Corrals. Light enough (15 lbs.) for easy setup, strong enough for piece of mind. Click for corral sizes and prices. The optional corral bucket holder comes in handy. You can use them on your Travel N Corrals or at home on your standard corrals. Nice keeping the buckets off the ground where they become a toy. The bucket brackets fold flat against the panels without bucket. Now the bucket holders are longer. Trail riding and Travel N Corrals go hand in hand. Easy to take with you, easy to setup. Horses tied to a trailer for hours can cause problems. Keep your horses relaxed in a roomy corral as you enjoy the great outdoors between rides or that deserved nap. Sleep well at night with your Travel N Corrals placed where you want them and in plain site of your trailers bedroom window. If you go to high school rodeo’s, you will see portable corrals everywhere. Families enjoying each other and security for the horses when everyone is running around with different events.

Travel-n-Corrals horse corrals go with your trailer! Side mount storage.

Easy to haul and attach to your trailer. Picture above has eight, 7′ panels on my trailer. Panel leg brackets mount to the trailer fender, top of the panels can be tied to your horse ties on the trailer. Click for more info and prices.  or  call 925-980-0235

You can manage your corrals to your horses behavior. If you have horses that push each other, you may want to separate them in two corrals. Some horses will work with a spring arm bolted to your trailer. My mare won’t, but she works well with corrals.

Renting stalls as your travel can be inconvenient and who knows if the previous horses had strangles or worse.

Travel N Corrals are 4 ft. tall to work with most horses. When you’re out camping in the woods, at least my woods in the Rockies there are bears and mountain lions. Now it’s not a normal threat, but if the animals with big claws comes to your camp, you do want your horses to be able to escape if their lives are threatened.

You don’t want to break Mustangs in these corrals but your broke horses will be fine.

Click for more info and prices.  call 925/980-0235 

Full length connecting steel tubes make the hinges, allowing you to open the corrals at each panel.

Travel-n-Corrals horse corrals go with your trailer

Searching for the best portable corrals on the market? Our corrals are a safe and secure place
for your horse. We’re equestrians too and we’ve tested our corrals with a variety of horses to
ensure they can safely contain your horse. Check out the key features of our corrals: All our panels are only 15 pounds each with all the above benefits and can be easily handled by 1 person when constructing a corral or loading for transport. Our panels have 3 horizontal rails vs. others with 2 rails which can allow the horse to get under the panel and lift up. Our connectors are notched and welded for strength, vs. nuts and bolts or panels that expand until your horse slightly bends one. Our panels are connected every 7’ with a full length 4’ steel pipe rod that a horse cannot pull out vs. short pins or Velcro that the horse can work at removing.

o Our panels are galvanized steel that will look the same for many years vs. painted or
powder coated that can chip or scratch after several uses.

o Corral size has proven to be a big factor when we conducted our safety testing and
that’s why our corrals are the biggest being offered at 13’ x 13’ round so the horse can
circle vs. others at 10’ x 10’ square that are just too small to leave a horse in for long

o We also offer double corrals and portable corrals in larger sizes up to 18 x 18’, all with
the same safety features described above.

o We’re confident our panels will hold up for many years– that’s why they come with a
life time guarantee for the original owner vs. other panels that come with a 30 day

Consider the above key points to decide which portable corral system will best
ensure the safety of your horse when you need a temporary corral. Rental stalls
available when you travel with your horse may carry disease and can cause major
health problems for that horse trusting you with its safety—but you can keep your
horse safely in our portable corrals. Please check out our web-site  for the corral sizes that fit your needs.

Travel-n-Corrals horse corrals go with your trailer: California expo

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