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Titan West Chutes

Titan West Livestock Handling Equipment

A 3 or 4 decades ago when I was in high school, our corrals where wood panels put together with baling wire. I drug the panels across as a gate. Not a safe way to work cattle, but my 4-H Angus heifers leveled the panels so we bought steel gates. Now I was up to speed, I just had to count my fingers each time we worked cattle with our welded together head chute.

I enjoy working cattle, but you know how dangerous it is. I’ve seen friends get hurt with all the levers and latches squeeze chutes have. Now that cattle are to the price they should have been, you can afford to invest in cattle equipment that is safe for you and easy on your cattle. Good equipment makes working cattle fast and fun.

Titan West livestock handing equipment, manufacture in Kansas where cattle graze on rolling hills and creeks between the prime farm ground. To get cattle between the smaller scattered pastures, Titan West developed portable corrals, portable work chutes and portable tub twin ally cattle chutes. The theme is portable, the OK corral sets up in 10 minutes and holds 80 cows. Comes in three sizes 50 to 200 head, the OK corral is a gooseneck trailer that swings panels out the sides, you can capture, sort and load cattle from. It has compartments you can haul your 4-wheeler, supplies or even a horse in. It’s tall enough to drive your pickup truck thru with hay to coax the cows in the pens made of 7 bar panels. Inside you can sort cattle on foot or with a horse.

Cattle Care Chutes with an optional neck extender in front of the headgate, gently pull the cows head straight for safely working around their heads. You know injections, ear tags, horns, etc. Sure beats the old way of holding down the cows nose with a chain. When you make it easy on the cows in the chute, they won’t hold a grudge next time you have to get close to them in the pasture to pull a calf.The chutes have a “chest rest” on the floor so cattle can’t go down in the headgate. Rumber flooring used in many horse trailers, is in the chute floors with a 20 year warranty.

The work chutes can be manual or hydraulic with a optional palpation cage for AI. Bull packages, bison chutes with a crash cage and corrals, you know they’re stout, even a scale option.

Portable tub twin alley cattle chute with crowding circle has pipe “no backs” which are quieter than chains. You can load cattle from the tubs and feed the work chute. Again it has wheels and follows your truck down the road to the next pasture.  If you need it, Titan West has permanent crowding alley’s with catwalks and adjustable widths.

Bextra big bale feeders (round or square) are designed to save your expensive hay. A tapered cage makes the cattle reach for the hay. Galvaneal steel for long life, these feeders are an investment and the hay savings pays for themselves. Five year warranty, takes the risk out. If you go to farm sales, you’ll see the other brands rusted and wore out and still bring more than they are worth. 

Titan West has continuous fence with high tensile tubing and double pinning gate latches. 1.5 in tubing gates have a lifetime warranty from cattle abuse. Several sizes of adjustable loading chutes, you’ll see at the National Western Stock show and new this year at the NW was the EZMT hay feeder trailer. It’s hydraulics’ will dump the old hay out the bottom and adjust the width for cows or calves.

Titan West also has horse corrals, feeders, stalls. calving pens, portable panels and roping chutes. I’ve been been to the factory In Linn Kansas. There are more folks working in the Titan West factory than live there. It’s nice to see American manufacturing in the country. The factory has a conveyor paint booth that keeps the corrals moving as they are painted and dried on the go.

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Thanks to Dean and Heather Ackerman for use of the OK Corrals


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