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SuperSway Stops From SuperSprings

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SuperSway Stops From SuperSprings


Use with your Air Bags

SuperSway-Stops, Overload Foam Pads, Easy Install


Problem with air bags, is they can keep the truck off it’s factory overloads, using SuperSway-Stops from SuperSprings keeps the overload in contact which reduces lean on curves with slide-in camper for anti-sway and anti-lean. Micro cellular poly-urethane foam, (memory foam,) pad adjusts to load with progressive compression. SuperSway-Stops have a true spring curve. They absorbs road shock and limit factory leaf spring rebound. The foam pads reduce sway or camper lean on curves and from side winds, providing resistance to leaf spring compression on the tight side. SuperSway Stops keeps your factory Camper Package overload leaf spring working even with aftermarket air bags.

This gap between the factory overload spring and bumper is the problem. SuperSway Stops fills the gap so there’s always contact for more support

A little prying and pushing with a channel locks and bar and the factory rubber bumpers popped out

Self locking nuts, just position Sway Stops above the overload spring.

  • Retains memory, doesn’t dissipate over time
  • Soft progressive compression
  • Adds progressive spring rate (foam has a true spring curve)

  • Absorbs road shock impact & limits rebound
  • Quick, simple bolt on installation
  • Increased flexibility & durability

Designed to deliver Enhanced Stability for your FORD SUPER DUTY and Ram Heavy Duty with factory
Camper Package

3/4 OR 1 TON PICKUP with factory overload auxiliary springs & fitted with air springs.

Allows the factory contact overload springs, previously rendered useless by installation of air springs, to kick in almost instantly, greatly improving the handling and reducing the sway of the truck.

Order SSS-102 SuperSway-Stops for Ford F250-350-450 and Dodge Ram 2500-3500 single rear wheel or dually with factory top overload spring, $193.99

SuperSprings Overload Truck Springs Fit Chart and Order Page

Sulastic Rubber Springs Overload helper for trucks, vans and SUV’s

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