Super Duty Suspension Upgrades


Ford stretched the rear leaf springs 3 inches in 1999 model, when they switched from Heavy Duty to Super Duty. This made for a smoother ride, then for 2008, another 8 inches added to the rear leafs. So now our ĺ and one tons ride like Ĺ tons, but they can also sag with maximum payloads and tongue weights.


Another advantage of the suspension products Iím reviewing are that most can be used together or separate. SuperSprings or Sway Stops can be used with the other two but not together. Air Lift air bags for the Ford Super Duty, mount inside the frame leaving room on top of the factory leaf springs for an overload like SuperSprings. Scasticís mount on the end of the factory leaf spring and Sway Stops fit under the factory overloads with the Camper Package. Eleven ft slide in truck campers with slide out rooms,  may require  them all.


Air Lift



Inside air bags so you can use SuperSprings too for heavy slide in campers



Jack truck up by frame not axle


Sway Stops

Problem with air bags, is they can keep the truck off it's factory overloads, using Sway Stops from SuperSprings keeps the overload in contact which reduces lean on curves with slide-in camper


Sulastic Rubber Springs