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horse guard trailer alarm

Horse Guard, for your Trailer Security and Peace of Mind

Blue light above means your trailer is protected.

Forget the trailer key, we all have the same one. Your Living Quarters horse trailer wasn’t cheap and your tack and saddles were a big investment. Horse Guard gives you the protection of a luxury car. Door and window sensors alert you to a break-in through your two-way pager while you’re on your trail ride or at an event. You decide to turn on the siren or let it happen automatically. Horse guard trailer alarm.

If someone tries to break-in to your trailer, inside and outside sirens and flashing lights occur. If someone tries to tow away your trailer, the motion detector turns on the sirens and flashes your trailer lights as well as locking up your trailer brakes. If your horses are still onboard or near by, you can program Horse Guard to give you a silent alert that your trailer had an intruder.

Imagine the piece of mind while you’re trail riding far in the country enjoying your family in a secluded spot. Now you can feel safe in your trailer getting a good nights rest. It’s the smart trailer accessory, comes complete with all the hardware and solar panel.

Comes with two remotes and a two-way pager. So you can turn on or off the Horse Guard system remotely. The pager will alert you if there has been a break in.

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The sirens and vibration sensor can be turned off when you have horses onboard. A programmable silent alarm alerts you without disturbing your horses. Comes with magnetic sensors on your LQ door, tack room door, horse doors and windows.

Self contained unit with it’s own 10 watt solar panel to independently power the security system of Horse Guard. Even though  it’s solar powered, Horse Guard has a Battery Voltage LED Indicator which gives a readout of battery power.

Steel control box can be mounted anywhere, has the on/off switches for motion detector and sirens. Comes with steel control box, internal and external sirens, solar panel, 2 door switches, low profile door switch, 2 remotes, and two-way pager. Many options including GPS tracking.


Easy to mount 10 watt solar panel. Comes with internal and external siren You an mount the external siren anywhere. Best tucked under trailer or in neck. Pager antenna, remotes and two-way pager. All the wire, connectors, self tapping screws and more make the installation simple.

Comes with 3 door sensors.

The two-way pager antenna also has a button to alert the pager from inside the trailer

 Lifetime Limited Warranty

Horse Guard, a division of SuperVision Securty Inc. 1-866-95-GUARD ask for Scott


Also RV Guard and Race Trailer Guard, if it’s a trailer, they can protect it.

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