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Our Cushion EZ Clean Horse Expo


Our Cushion EZ Clean Horse Expo Tour Pictures Below

#2 Equine Affaire® Equine Affaire in Columbus Ohio April 10-13 2008Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Pictures Below

Boots, Boots if if didn’t already have a 100 pair, I’d be loading up


Water heated by geo thermal

There’s my next boot, great carving by Ben Risney

Travel N Corrals bucket holder

Saddlematic is always a hit with the crowd

In our mini-JAG coversion, we have 3 different ceilings, 2 different woods, 3 different light types

If I didn’t already have 100 hats


Stick pony races, lots to do for the kids


Julie Goodnight


A mini JAG conversion

Travel N Corrals

World Championship Blacksmith Regional Competition

Ben Risney, Wood Sculptor

Horizon barns

Sport Chassis

Hawk is here with Ron Winter

Dream Coach

Fast Lane Rodeo Hats

Armor Kraft


Brings on a whole new fear of denists

A shining knight

JAG makeover of my dressing room

What to look for


Superior Sulky



Old west saddles

Muzzling for feed control

Valley powder coated


Sundowner had the big trailers

Blue Ribbon



What to Look For at a Horse Expo Near You

Our Cushion EZ Clean Horse Expo Tour starts in March in Denver

 Many New Horse Trailer Products will be Introduced  Friday March 14th

#1 Rocky Mountain Horse Expo March 14-16, 2008 ~ Denver, Colorado. Pictures Below

Our Cushion EZ Clean Skyline Lounge.

New HayRak

Stinger Hitch Helper

You’ve never seen this before

Look at the good looking HorseTrailerWorld. banner

I have no idea, but it reminds me of my youth

One Hand Wagon

Everybody needs a Much Truck

Brian Kitchen, the Big Cheese of the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

A pink spreader.


Interesting pads from CSI 303-425-5079

Powder River Hats, Brook, head hatter

We’ll try this out

CushionEZClean, a popular option in our booth

6′ x 8′ instant awning

MD Barns

Saddlematic and HayRak

Centramatic wheel balancers

Access Step, saves my knees

Bigfoot hydraulic jack in the tour

My Cruz’n Cooler


Show Country Trailers


Saddlematic new electric model

Triple T toter home


Scott Murdock

Amish barn

Imagine looking out your

rearview mirror and seeing your

coupler connect the ball

hooking the safety chains all from the outside

and not even lowering your tailgate

Pony races

Big bale feeder

Wild West Show

Rick Lamb’s band



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