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Hit-Air body protection

New to the USA, finally your personal, body protection air bag! I first saw this at the Horse Expo in Denver in March. Hit-Air air shock-buffering system bag vest is popular in Japan where they are manufactured. Motorcycle police use them there as well has horse and motorcycle riders. We all know folks who’ve had falling accidents, especially horse and ATV.It’s easy to do, a saddle cinch not tight enough, a snake on a trail, a green broke horse even can surprise you and put you on the ground the fast way. But experience makes us better on horses. My last broken bone from a horse fall was when I was a teenager. So I switched to motorcycles and then back to horses.

Activation is simple and automatic. Hit-air vests and jackets have a tethered coiled cord that attaches to the saddle and to a small gas canister in the vest. When the rider is thrown or falls from a horse, the adjustable cord pulls a “key” out of a gas release system and inert gas inflates the air cushion around your abdomen (where the organs are), your neck and tailbone. So when you land you are surrounded by protection.  It only takes 1/2 second and just 40 pounds of pressure to activate the air cushions. After a few seconds the gas is automatically released through the gas release valve. Once the gas is released, a new cartridge can be installed and the jacket is ready for reuse. Try that with your car’s air bag. I’ve watched it demonstrated many times, and now it dawns on me just how important this is. Your truck has an air bag for your protection. It’s a good idea, why not you? Trail riding can be safer, practicing for events can be safer, even practicing for high school rodeo can be safer. We all want our kids to have a good experience around horses and vests can help with that piece of mind.


Vest coiled cord that is tethered to the saddle which pulls the key from the gas canister.

Now you have more protection than just a helmet. These air bag vests and jackets are designed to protect a horseback  rider’s neck, spine, rib cage and vital organs in case of a fall or crash. 

Juliane (teenager modeling hit-air below) was riding this horse the night before the photo shoot and was wearing the hit-air vest. The saddle was loose and she fell from the side. The hit-air system activated and prevented injury. As you can see Juliane is fine. Juliane also wears a helmet when riding, we had her take if off for the pictures. Every parent wants to protect their young riders. Now it’s possible!

Just a normal nice looking vest or jacket before it saves you.

Here is the air cushions activated for the demonstration. Air cushions around your middle and back of your neck and tailbone.

If you can ride it, hit-air safety air bag vests and jackets can protect your bodies organs like your helmet protects your head. Juliane is riding one of her families 3 camels, wearing a hit-air jacket. The cost of having fun has gotten cheaper. Avoid emergency rooms and sleepless nights.

During practice for your horse events or motorcycle/ATV race, having a personal air bag protection can build the confidence needed to be successful in competition.

 The hit-air vests and jackets are suitable for any season with breathable mesh like I have in my photographer vest. A version of hit-air is worn by Japanese motorcycle police. Enjoy your horseback and bike riding with piece of mind and protect your bodies vital organs. And build your children’s confidence during practice for the big events. That’s when most accidents occur, during practice. I recommends hit-air as a unique product for protecting loved ones.


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