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Hart horse trailer review


Hart horse trailer review: I then matched the luxury Lincoln LT truck naturally to a premier horse trailer, Hart Thoroughbred aluminum 2 horse straight load with a ramp. This Hart model is made for the larger horses with the trailer axles set back farther to support the weight. I use Harts often in my truck reviews because of their great looks with radius corners, edges and well matched sheet metal. You won’t find bad or bad looking welds on a Hart. Looking threw my picture files of hart trailers I’ve used in truck and SUV reviews, turned up over 3000 pictures. Hart mini’s at Red Rocks, Hart’s with Elk at Estes Park, Hart’s on the Continental Divide. Beautiful trailers.

I’ve taken pictures of a Hart gooseneck 8 horse with over 200,000 miles on, it towed by a Kenworth to horse races all over the country. It comes into the shop once a year for new axles and then is good for another year of hard driving.

 I’ll show the built in strength is covered with the beautiful sheet metal. If insurance companies would crash test horse trailers like they do cars, I’m sure Hart would get a 5 star rating. The Thoroughbred trailer is 6’8″ wide, 7’7′ tall and 11′ long stalls. Comes with double rear doors, ramp, removable stall divider and full height escape doors for each side. The front dressing/tack room with full size door is carpeted.


 butt bar slides into tack wall out of the waydoor double rubber gasket and groove

You know I like ramps. Yes they can be slick when it rains, so is the trailer floor and the ground etc. My trucks running boards are slick when it rains, but I still use them too climb up. Big stalls on the Hart Thoroughbred model, made for the big ones.
Full size escape doors on both sides with running boards make it easy on the handler. Butt bars (cool name) latch from the inside out so the horse helps you latch it instead of working against you. Open of the rear doors and haul horses and Harley’s.
Right amount of windows and vents. Inside is all lined. Fiberglass roof is cool and strong, I can even stand on it, jump on it. My 300 pounds of fun is per square foot if I stand on one leg. The door latches are as strong as it gets. Roomy tack/dressing room.

Buckskin stud provided by

“Big Boy” Quarter Horse gelding provided by Animal Angels Horse Rescue at

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