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SNOWSPORT Consumer Plow

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SNOWSPORT Consumer Plow

Ready for Snow? Or do you remember last winter?

SNOWSPORT Consumer Plow


Yeah I remember December 20th last year, my wife’s birthday and our first 2 ft snow storm, with snow almost every weekend until spring. I had a snow plow on my lawn tractor, and the Snowsport plowing backwards. This year I got a Sandhills Body Guard  front bumper with a 2 inch receiver tube so I can plow forwards. Last winter I pushed some old froze snow with the Snowsport consumer plow, it surprised me. A consumer plow, it works great for your driveway, barnway, corral alley and short roads. It’s all mechanical, you can angle the plow by pulling a pin. The push frame does all the work. It self levels as the plow floats on the push arms. The plow is extruded aluminum and easy to lift of on the push frame arms. For plowing you drop the plow and go. The thick one inch rubber edge is also what the plow glides back on when you back up. No electric or hydraulics to maintain. Seven ft. wide, eighteen inches tall is just right attached to a pickup truck or full-size SUV. The blade weighs 110 lbs. Installs on front receiver or rear receiver hitch. There is a bracket you can buy for the front bumper for mounting the plow. There are handles on the top of the plow to lift the plow onto the push frame one side at a time for transport. Heavy rubber box ends loads more snow. In up position you can use headlights. Extruded aluminum pieces slide together for simple assembly. Quick twist pins hold the plow up.

Agri-Cover Inc for the SnowSport plow.


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