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Cimarron Freedom Toy Hauler

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Fence Post 2020 Ram 2500 and Cimarron Freedom Toy Hauler: By MrTruck!

RAM Heavy Duty Trucks.

Six months into the virus of 2020, many things are changing. Especially the way we work, buy things and what is important to buy. RV sales are up over 600%, trailer hitches are sold out and on back order. Hiking boots are sold out in my size. Guns are sold out on many models. Even new bicycles are scarce.  The trend is folks aren’t flying to vacations. They’d rather buy an RV and visit the mountains and national parks.  Fresh air away from the crowds are today’s buzz words.

You’d think that would make me happy. I sell trailer hitches on my websites. I have 10 of them on backorder. I need new hiking boots to shoot video’s on mountain trails. That turned into a day on websites trying to find a deal. I use to just worry about buying toilet paper and water. We have a whole new world to navigate with new habits to work on. Since I’m home more doing Zoom video’s from my office, I discovered I’m too close to the refrigerator. It calls to me to eat more snacks. So I’ll be breaking in my new hiking boots jogging (maybe walking briskly) around the property, stepping over snakes, turtles and lizards. Maybe I could dig my bicycle out of the box, where ever it is.

I’m still blessed to be reviewing new trucks, trailers and accessories. Last week my son David and I drove a new 2020 Ram 2500 towing a new Cimarron Freedom toyhauler from Transwest. Using my trail book and OnX trail ap on my phone, we went to a trail called Pierson Park Road. Lots of ATV’s and Jeeps on the mountain trails so we went on a Wednesday. Map books and even the new phone apps are not good about describing trail staging area’s (parking). That’s the dilemma, I’ve been on this trail but this trip, where I parked last time has a new wood fence. According to the trail book, there’s a parking area. Not anymore, so towing the 37′ gooseneck trailer up a steep trail with tight switchbacks on the mountain was challenging. Looks bad ahead of me so I get to back down the tight curves and steep slope. My son spotted me to not back off the cliff and we made it down the mountain.  Found a small spot to park, we unloaded our ATV’s and off to climb the mountain.

My first drive in a 2020 Ram 2500 Laramie with 6.4L Hemi gas engine and the new ZF automatic 8-speed transmission that came out last year. A crew cab, air ride, power running boards and a 12 in center stack screen. I can even listen to Willy Nelsen on the way to Estes. We were trailering a 2020 Cimarron Freedom toy hauler that Transwest sells. The Cimarron is made for mountain trails with more clearance under the trailer, the black and gray tank don’t hang down. The tires are 14 ply made for rough roads. Spread axles for better weight distribution, with a dove tail rubber floor with an 8 foot ramp. Easy to load side by sides and ATV’s. The Outlaw conversion in the living quarters is top notch with real wood, full kitchen, bathroom and beds. The floor in the garage is all rubber with E-track all the way on both sides of the floor for tying down the toys. Plenty of cabinets, LED lights, well insulated. The doors to the garage are raised so you can hose out the mud and not get where you sleep wet. Since it’s a well built heavy duty trailer, it’s just pushing a button for the hydraulic jack to get the floor level. I have a fun job, up on the mountains driving new rigs and off-roading.

Fence Post 2020 Ram 2500 and Cimarron Freedom Toy Hauler: By MrTruck

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