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Cushion EZ Clean Horse Expo Tour

EZ-Connector Horse Expo Tour 2013

For the new year, we have switched to 4 new shows

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Feb. 8-10, 2013. We’re here, the big Kansas horse expo again. Great layout, all in one warm building. Over 150 vendors with deals, clinicians, even a truck presentations with MrTruck. Some closeout specials on tack, great selection of saddles. Cushion EZ Clean Horse Expo Tour.

My neighbors, Transwest and Prairie Land below



In Ft. Worth Texas now. The show starts tomorrow, June 1st. Inside and air conditioned. My presentation is tomorrow at 12.30 at the Seminar Stage in Richardson-Bass Building. You can ask me questions, hackle me or bring me pecan rolls. I have pictures. Come see the Express corrals, see the inventor of the Safety Hitch and meet the folks from Centramatic.Plenty of entertainment, come see the horse expo Texas style.We’re checking out all the steakhouses at night.Free magazines, see the movies. Here’s the booth to look for in the Amon G. Carter building.

Plenty of horse art, this from driftwood Mesquite Wood Gallery Freedom’s Spirit is steel Express Corral is a nice package

Terri Sharp is in charge of the show Dennard’s Texas Hill Country Furniture is in my row, come by and see the wood tub Dogs and Horses, artist at work

Speaking of Horses

Bob Jeffreys & Suzanne Sheppard Mafayr Rose Creations Cinch Chicks, hay net for the  big bales

Everyone knows Shorty’s from Oklahoma Porta-Grazer, controlled feeding Lyndon Gaither artist with color Vaquera Boutique


Our EZ-Connector Horse Expo Tour Coming to a State Near You

 Many New Horse Trailer Products will be Introduced.

February 3-4, 2012 Horse Trailer Showcase, OK City, OK


February 10-12, 2012 EquiFest of Kansas, Wichita Kansas

April 20-22, 2012 Midwest Horse Fair, Madison WI


June 1-3, 2012 AmerEquine-Festival of the Horse, Ft. Worth TX


We’re here, the big Kansas horse expo. Great layout, all in one warm building. Over 150 vendors with deals, clinicians, even a truck presentation with MrTruck. Some closeout specials on tack, great selection of saddles.

Jared and Debbie are in charge West 20 Ranch and Saddle Country Boys Carriage Not sure, but I think they are multiplying


Free hand metal art was awesome, on the left is a 911 memorial for a Kansas airport. B&B metal arts R bar B has the tallest horse, big selection of tack at EquiFest Tractor Supply is finally coming to Colorado. I won a dog toy throwing horseshoes in a bucket abi equine, arena grooming

This is me, next to the workshop room Ride Happy, couldn’t find the models for the sweats HydraBed was around when I was in high school 3 decades ago Pottery

Lynwood Equine stall drainage floors The main arena had programs all day from mounted shooting, to Hunter and Jumper and wagons. Saturday is Ranch Rodeo I thought Bronco Billy’s was a Clint Eastwood movie Transwest has Cimarron Trailers and Logan Coach

Snuck in a picture from the Horse Trailer Showcase in OK City last weekend Workshops Abby with Signature Quarters Living Quarters from Nebraska Circle G from Missouri with Merhows

Got to have some from CL Saddles and Tack Flint Custom Hats EZE Latch for hooking and unhooking your coupler  The crowds

June 10-12, 2011; Western States Horse Expo, Sacramento CA at Cal Expo


Beautiful weather, made it through Donner pass. This is the target, where all the new toys are, Safr Trailer, MegaHitch, GanderLock, Fastway and more all the products I review on RFD TV Equestrian Nation

Logan Coach’s new upgradedWhiz Proof Pro floor is permanent rubber flooring, never pull a mat again Solar for Southern Cal Good crowds at the clinicians Jumping demonstration

Yep those are chaps and a saddle These are the horse pack packs I’m getting my granddaughters Myler Bits and the boss Bob Avila

This is art Signs, signs everywhere a sign Cowboy Mounted Shooting Clinton Anderson had a booth there

Dubarry of Ireland is in deep water, just needs some concho’s Plenty of learn’n going on They found me MrTruck groupee’s

Sawtooth Saddle Company has the real cowboy accessories Charles Wilhelm I do not know, but it looked interesting This should be my next review watches my trailer Trailer Specialist has Logan Coach, Titan Trailers and Circle C Travel N Corrals My neighbor has the awesome wood furniture

Hard work putting the big barns together for 3 days Kioti tractors Gander Lock for gooseneck security MegaHitch bumper pull locks

This is what I’d like to do with my truck, turn it into a flower bed D2 Trailer Sales is here Another electric saddle rack Cool planters from Horse Highways

Safr trailers in Wendy Chowning’s booth have shocks. This is the first place the new Safr Trailers will be offered for sale. It’s like a heavy duty Brenderup Several tractor booths this year, this one from Valley The sign guys are here again McCall saddles
We’ll have some new products introduced at ColumbusApril is the Equine Affaire at Columbus Ohio, April 7-10, 2011 NowLeft Colorado in a blizzard Sunday, Six states from home and pothole city in Indiana Interstate, it’s amazing we made it.

Our Booth is in front of the Celeste Arena

The new Safr Horse Trailer is introduced to the US at the Equine Affaire today with great interest.

Amazing artist does wood carvings with a chainsaw Bricker building has hats It’s mower season Leonard’s has the largest selection at the expo

Priefert wagon, big ones Everyone loves mini’s West 20 Saddles Denny Chapman, mounted shooting, rope tricks, Wild West Entertainer, and Mane and Tail

Classes….. Demonstrations…. Clinicians….. Guy McLean from Down Under is entertaining to watch

The cutest horse puppets with “I Make Horse Calls” All the horse stickers you’d want Leo Fautras demonstrates a unique 3h slant BP from France. Nice to meet folks that put their name on every trailer they build This is  cool, Linkhorn Infrared imaging for finding problems in your horse, picture is me taking a picture

Gooseneck Easy Coupler has a new 9 in. short-bed extension Eclipse trailer with cool bunk beds in the tack room Trailer rebuild from Maxed Out Customs Buckley Fence

Bigfoot’s new remote control unit for their hydraulic jack Custom Tails Lynda Sappington, beautiful horse sculptures Travel N Corrals comes to Ohio

Equine Affaire, Pomona CA, Feb. 3-6 2011 at the Fairplex,

10 below zero at home in Colorado, now I’m under the palm trees and in sixties and seventies in Pomona

Palm trees, water falls and fountains, my kind of place Mary Ellen working, late with Equine Affaire Pony Pops raced me here from Colorado, I won Phoenix Phire Designs with beautiful horse furniture

John Deere’s into arena grooming in a big way Lance Campers are popular here Yamaha carts, they make generators too, but nobody knows Big names here like Chris Cox

Dometic auto awning, it rolls up automatically if the wind blows too hard and will dump rain by itself and has a remote control Jonathan Field Debora Racheter, saddle fitting demonstration Snap-Loc cargo management, well made way to keep things from flying out of your truck bed

Mikmar bits Kubota poop scooper Craig Cameron Equi-Spirit toys, everyone needs a giant bouncy ball

Saw Tooth, cowboy cool stuff Bronco Sue, custom hats EquiPedic saddle pads HydraHorse water bowls


All American Quarter Horse Congress, Columbus Ohio. Oct. 5-24, 2010

Three weeks, come by for a visit and to see the latest products for your horse trailer, free magazines

Brittany Barker from Indiana is the 2010 Congress Queen


Shadow trailers with EZ Connector trailer plug, standard MrTruck’s Cruzin Cooler Joe Cordoza of EZ Connector did many demos with a crowd gathered around Greens Solar Solutions has a radiant heat barrier cooking in his booth

Road apple separator demonstrator at Cashmans Featherlite’s Lynn Palm trailer made it to Congress Centramatic wheel balancers Sundowner.

Blue Ribbon Custom Tack Stud row Golf carts everywhere you look Lots of horse exercising going on day and night

Win a Yearling Congress Corral is where the deals are done Bloomer’s in town Farrier’s are working hard

Coaches make a good wind break Featherlite dump trailer Eby trailers in the Annex Sooner in Congress Hall

Rodeo Boot Co. has an awesome rocking horse I need this sign The booth you’re looking for After 3 weeks at Congress you start seeing things

Congress Queen Contestants

Tiffany Jennings, Ohio QHA Lisa Flaschberger, Northern Ohio QHA Working out with Courtney Sturgill, Virginia QHA Tisha Hanley, Easter Ohio QHA

Ashley Schulze, OMI QHA Maggie Hass, North Carolina QHA Lindsey Ruggiero, New Jersey QHA Erica Morgan, Tennesse QHA

Kisten Martin, Illinois QH Racing Assc.

Stacy Saltzman, Florida QHA

Ball signs Blue Ribbon is here in force Mike Green with Sierra conversions is working hard Blue Ribbon with 4 seasons basement, allowing a short step to the bedroom

Silver smithing bits Saddlematic Straight A’s Supply, where my steps and door storage came from Nice view from the top of my trailer

Met Leopold Bloom, the LionHead rabbit, he was comparing trailers, liked our Wiz Proof floor Lakota has many models here Brian Jaeger with has a great demo Merhow has tall trailers here, I’m working on my review today, with the carriage model.

The new Shetron horse trailer is here with a couple of trailers Adams trailers are here every year. 4-Star has a lot of trailers at Congress Sportchassis has some deals on last years trucks

Several booths with tail extensions Bison Trailers, a Navistar company, is here This is the show you see big coach’s pulling horse trailers The new Gooseneck Easy Coupler with Craig and

Tiffany Jennings, Ohio Quarter Horse Association Queen, in competition for Congress Queen Ryan with Sundby’s Trailer Sales show the Wiz Proof trailer floor in a Logan Coach’s Brian Jaeger demonstrates insulation with Glen Burkholder of Bison Trailers Outlaw Conversions in a Hart

My neighbors sell saddles This is the target area Finish Line non electric fence Pink Eclipse

Check out the Ireland boots Shorty’s Hattery has a mascot Coughlin Auto has a GM frame that shows the changes for 2011 The Slide, lots of classes competing

Travel-N-Corrals Shorty’s always have the cool boots Exiss Trailers The curtain girls were working hard

Stagecoach West 4 Star Trailers Harris has Bling, Bling Elite Trailers

My neighbors are Hart, some very shining trailers Come see the Safety Hitch The new HydraHorse for inside and outside your trailer Bunkhouse Conversions….

demonstrate their overhead framed AC duct work….. and bedroom suites Cashman’s has everything and even a store bar

Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento CA June 11-13, 2010

Western States Horse Expo, the place where new products and ideas are introduced. I see more new stuff here than any expo. The theme this year is saving hay, lots of products about feeding with less waste. This show has a dog show too, new for the expo. Friday night’s special show is the Honoring Equines For Life Project (HELP) Rescue, trainers showcase. Magnificent 7 always draws a big crowd. Altec FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, are selling tickets next to my booth. Nice Corvette display there too.Something else to see is a dwarf miniature named Moncho Man with NorCal Equine Rescue. A recue horse himself, had hoof problems so he wears sneakers from Build-A-Bear. Lots of wind on Friday, next two days are to be good for the weather.

Lots of Kentucky beer at the Altec booth next door Paso Fina full dress tack Leg Saver panels, it’s California, so off course they had implants Fastway, forget the block under your jack I have to have my morning Latte too

Can’t quite identify the breed of horses here Wood shavings is a big business in California horse industry Shake’N Fork, your automatic muck fork sorter Easy Feeder ll Capsule automatic grain feeder

They wouldn’t let me ride the “Riding Simulator” robot horse. I guess it didn’t have overloads The French horse trailer, Vans Fautras, has a step up floor instead of ramps. Exterior is fiberglass. Hot tub for dogs, only in California, I love it First time I’ve seen the monorail move at the Expo Horse trailer rental, when you only use a trailer a few times a year, American Horse Trailer Rentals

Altec FEI World Equestrian Games selling tickets next to my booth, several devices for saving hay Moncho Man dwarf miniature rescue mascot Build-A-Bear sneakers This bucket with wheels, is a popular item this year

It looks like an engine, but it’s a barbeque Packing is popular in this part of California Sneak peek at the 2011 GM diesels  I drove Monday towing a Sundowner up a logging road in Maryland. Featherlite has some big drop down feed doors FauTras horse trailer from France, introduced in California.

Now Equine Affaire® Equine Affaire in Columbus OH April 8-11, 2010

The New Logan Coach

Country Classics Terri Sharp Equine Affaire V.P. and Tom Hall Blue Ribbon National Sales Manager Come see me in the Bricker Annex My neighbors, Blue Ribbon Platinum products

Mikmar bits Triple C Carts Gorgeous sculpture from Esther Benedict Plenty of activities for the kids Horse education

Horse races Dubarry’s water proof riding boots Equipedic saddle pads Chris Cox, lots of folks from RFD TV Mark and Debby doing Metal Wax demos on my trailer

The new red Safety Hitch, at 5200 miles and counting Tilt-Tie, the trailer picket line Logan Coach’s Wiz Proof floor Merhow, warm blood straight load with a…. …sliding divider to roll the carriage in

Mini horse slant load conversion for cargo trailers and…. No it’s not me getting married Hi ho silver Craig Cameron

Metal Wax Demo’s Got a love Gypsies Snaking through the Bricker Annex with Safety Hitch

 Equine Affaire® Equine Affaire in Pomona CA February 4-7, 2010.

Automated Safety Hitch, I’ve put 2000 miles on in the last two weeks and boy do I have some stories to tell Side Tracker is always a crowd pleaser. Crank and electric Cimarron’s new pig, calf, dog carrier for you pickup Pegasus horse trailer has an elevator to lift your golf cart up to the hay storage on the second floor

Silverlite has the prime real estate with palm trees across from my booth CPM pink hats gives 5% of sales to Avon’s breast cancer fund Avid readers of the Trailer Talk forum on, Brianne Good and Diandra Campbell, Equine Dentists

EZHOOKR is a laser bar that lines up your trailer coupler and ball

Miss California High School Rodeo, K’Lynn Jackson Sherriff’s posse by the dozen Charles Wilhelm, clinician Mini’s in breed demonstrations
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