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Cody Coupler Hitch

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Cody Hitch by Quick Hitch

Cody Cushion Air Bag Gooseneck ball

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New Cody Cushion adaptor for newer Ford and Ram factory gooseneck ball

New Cody Gooseneck Cushion for newer Ford and Ram factory gooseneck balls, 

What does it do?

Protecting your Living Quarters and investment in your horse trailer. Cody Cushion from Cody Hitch has one air bag, and a double hinge. Up and down and front and back cushion. They will adapt to Cody Hitch, B&W, Popup, Hidden Hitch, Reese Hide-A-Ball, Valley Stow-A-Ball and Gooseneck Brand truck bed hitches. With today’s Living Quarter horse trailers, you need protection for the fine cabinets and mirrors. This winter in Colorado, made record potholes.

Can you imagine the impact in the neck of your trailer over each hole. 6000 lb. tongue weight rating. It’s hard to measure just by feel, but you can notice a difference in stopping and starting.

I pulled a 4 horse Logan Coach gooseneck from Logan Utah to Denver. I adjusted the air from 60 to 40 to 20 psi air. Twenty psi seemed to work the best. You insert the Cody Cushion in the ball socket of your gooseneck hitch. Trip your hitch latch, then tighten the socket plug. I had to hand file the inside of the socket in my B&W to get the Cody Cushion to fit. Later models of the Cody Cushion were made to fit the tighter B&W’s. I could tell when I took off with the trailer, that the Cody Cushion took most of that jerk away. Stopping it seamed to have more movement in the truck. Another place we’ll use the AgCam camera’s this summer, watching the horses reaction to cushion hitches on video using the Cody Cushion air bag gooseneck ball.

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Cody Cushion for a better riding gooseneck trailer

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