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Reverse Load Horse Trailer

Cimarron Integrated Hay Pod and Reverse Load LQ
Integrated covered hay pod, reverse load and air suspension has got to be the cats meow! Transwest has the ultimate horse trailer from Cimarron Trailers. You know the reverse slant load in a sudden stop lets the horses thigh brace on the wall instead of their neck. And going down the road, your horses heads are looking at the fields and houses past the right lane instead of the 18-wheeler and Harley’s in the left lane. Then the full width of the rear of the trailer can be all tack room. The built in hay pod seals out the weather to protect your expensive hay and gives you a safe flat work floor on top of your trailer all the way to the rear. This trailer has all luxury with Outlaw Conversions.I like the idea of reverse load, but they usually take allot of extra room in the middle with the ramp and load area. Cimarron designed this trailer for efficient use of space, not much longer than a standard slant load. Ramp in the middle to load in the front stall, rear tack with plenty of room using the full width of the trailer. Two 10k axles, electric over hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll be able to stop this great trailer. The trailer can be towed with the newer one ton trucks. I towed it with the new 2013 Ram 3500 in the Colorado Rockies on 7% grades at 11,000 ft. Smooth ride with the air-torsion axles keeping the belly up, down the road away from the holding tanks that are tucked up into the floor frame.

Having a flat deck to stand on next to the generator to load hay into the  pod is safer. All cables from generator are sealed and accessible. Picture left, high enough for two rows of hay bales with the floor dropping in the horse ceiling 4 inches.

Left, pod front angle and extruded trim are the same angle, just one more detail Cimarron pays attention too. Right, integrated hay pod framed for strength.

Safer walking into the integrated hay pod (above,) instead of walking over as seen with other brands (picture left.) Flat roof deck is easier to walk on to. Lid over laps with rubber gasket to protect your hay from the weather. Aluminum diamond plate deck on pod flat floor and generator deck.

Pod roof and walk thru door seals when closed. Rubber latches hold the lid down. Picture right, rubber gasket, hydraulic strut and side lip of the pod cover.


Fresh water tank in the slide out. Right, black and grey tank are tucked up out of the way above the wall bottom. All you see are the valve handles.


Left, escape door is at the other end of what you’re used to. LED light above door and in the hay pod. On top of the pod is a handle above the pull out ladder and light switch is where you reach it first.

Right picture is the fuel tank fill cap. The tank sits in the corner of the super sized rear tack room below left.

Tack room has shelves and of course bridle racks, saddle racks, blanket racks, you could rent the room out. Picture right is the step to the tack suite.


 Right semi trailer reefer style LED lights in the horse stalls are illuminating.

Horse area ceiling is lowered 4 inches to accommodate 2 rows of hay bales in the integrated hay pod above. Wise use of space. Right, well built heavy duty mangers, with the famous drop down feed doors.

Cimarron EZ Angle Hay Rack Ladder, makes your climb angle easier so you can enjoy the Integrated Hay Pod.

Right, up the ramp into the stalls with a wide door. Right, mud room door or bathroom door into the Outlaw Living Quarters to relax in luxury.

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