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Boar Wheel and Tire Overkill Trailer Tires

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Boar Wheel and Tire Overkill Trailer Tires  ph. 1-800-909-7071

Stock 16 in 10 ply

Trailer tires are the #1 problem on trailers. Of course we work on trailer wiring and wheel bearings too, but nothing costs as much in money and time than trailer tire blowouts. We have 6 test trailers. Just one of the trailers had 5 blowouts in a year. Not from overloading or heat like you’d expect. Trailer tires with tall side walls can flex more and create heat. Turning corners can make trailer tires flex and weaken along with just crappy trailer tires sitting all winter and the steel cords separating. No matter what you hear, trailer tires aren’t made as well as truck tires and all tires need balanced. The high end horse trailer companies are using higher ply rated tires like 14 (G) and 16 (H) and some are using 17.5 in wheels which are tall with tall side walls.

16 in verses 19.5 in

In comes Boar Wheel and Tire with commercial trailer tires. They use 19.5 in wheels that are low profile side wall 14, 16 and 18 ply tires. But they fit where your 16 in  tires do now so you don’t have to switch to bigger axles, bigger wheel studs and wheels or buy a new trailer. The low profile 19.5 Boar wheels and tires will fit where most 16 in are on your trailer now. I’ve put camera’s on my trailers with the standard 10 ply and watched the tire sidewall flex you’ll see in the video’s below. Then I put the low profile side wall Boar 14 ply tires on the same trailers and very little flexing and sideways dragging. Side pull turning corners with your trailer tires can loosen up wheel bearings too.

Boar 19.5 in 14 ply

Why not put better tires on your existing trailers that will carry more weight, handle the heat, last longer and Interstate speeds without the blowouts and the need for half a dozen spare tires. Time is money, so besides longer life from your trailer tires, less time on the side of the road while your horses or livestock get hotter with no trailer air circulation let alone the tore up fenders and clearance lights. My blowouts were mostly on commercial car trailers we use to test new trucks. It was no fun jacking up a trailer on the side of mountain Interstates wondering where to run if someone was outside of their lane and the only choice might be jumping off the road and rolling down the mountain.

16 inch 10 ply normal tire

Boar tire low profile 14 ply

Think about the new trucks that are rated to tow over 30,000 lbs. now. You need trailer tires that catch up to your trucks capacity. Trailers have grown also, but trailer tires haven’t seen much improvement even though they are your first line of defense on the road. If you’ve had a trailer tire blow-out, it can be scary, load and expensive. Boar makes steel and aluminum wheels to handle 19.5 in low profile 14 ply, 16 ply and 18 ply tires. Boar wheels made for 1/2 in, 9/16 in or 5/8 in wheel studs.

Steel wheel

Aluminum wheel

Yes, it says 18 ply

Boar Wheel, LLC warrants the following products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, excluding finish, for a period of THREE (3) years from the date of manufacture:  ph. 1-800-909-7071




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