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access step to your truck bed

Access Steps, Save your Knees

I don’t use my knees to climb up into my pickup bed anymore, putting my weight on my knee on metal isn’t as fun as it use to be. Access Steps allows easy access to your truck bed. You’ve seen Ford come out with a tailgate step for 2008 trucks, which isn’t cheap and hard to set on. Many of the newer trucks have tall bed sides so you can’t just reach over the bed rail anymore and then there are the 4×4’s. The 3/4 ton and one ton 4×4’s are taller right from the factory . This means you have to climb into the bed to reach anything. And then there’s the long way down if you jump out of the bed. Access Steps are simple to install and stay out of the way. Access Step to your truck bed.

Unlike other steps, Access Steps will work with or without a receiver hitch. They don’t have moveable parts to wear out or lubricate. So many steps I review use the receiver hitch frame or stick in the receiver hitch so you can’t us the receiver hitch for your trailer at the same time as a step.

 And they will work with mudflaps unlike the other guys (picture right). Powder coated, tread plate for footing, nothing to wear out.

Installation as easy as 1-2-3. Attaches to the truck frame and bumper bracket. Two grade 8 bolts thru the frame.

The tread plate step is 8 by 5.5 inches. Now you can step up to your truck instead of crawling in. I like them.

Access Steps are a bargain. For more info click  or call 812-853-7138

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