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All new 2008 Super Duty Ford F250-450

Ford new Super Duty for 2008

The most changes for the new truck model year. Ford calls it a 2008. Takes awhile to get used to the headlights on the bottom, but good for not shining in your face like some tall trucks. Pilot injection is back, part of the reason the loudest diesel is finally quieter. Cabs and beds are basically the same. The F450 pickup now has a factory 8 foot bed. The windshield is thicker for less cab noise. The grill is bolted to the hood now, which helps quiet the diesel, less wind noise, makes the nose sheet metal easier to uniformly gap and more room for the enormous radiator. Cooling is a main theme for the new 6.4L Power Stroke diesel. Still made by Navistar International, the 6.4L has two Borg Warner turbo chargers, two EGR coolers, 50 percent larger water pump, larger fan and new common rail injection. The common rail injection makes for quicker starting, less noise and more control for lower emissions. Ford was the last of the big three to go common rail. All new 2008 Super Duty Ford F250-450.

 The 2008 Ford Super Duty has optional bed extenders that fold into the walls and a step that pulls out of the tailgate. Ford has power extending tow mirrors

Ford was first with a factory option trailer brake controller in 2005. The Ford Tow Command was designed with Tekonsha (maker of the Prodigy.) Tow Command is a $600 option. These are great improvements for towing made possible by the aftermarket companies who pioneer ideas.

6.4L Power Stroke 350 horse power, 650 lb. ft. torque. Diesel option $6895, up approximately $1800

The 6.8-liter, three-valve Triton™ V-10 produces 362 horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque

Ford’s modular 5.4-liter, three-valve Triton™ V-8 that delivers 300 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque.

6-speed manual transmission and 5-speed TorqShift automatic choices with all three engines. Cost for the TorqShift $1490.

Towed a    cargo trailer in Texas in January right after the big ice storm. The compound turbo’s and smooth shifting 5-speed automatic transmission, make it hard to tell if there is any turbo lag. The power is smooth and seamless. I did expect more raw power with two turbo’s with 42 pounds of boost, but Ford’s on the conservative side with letting you spin the tires. Fire by wire computer, controls acceleration. But it’s a learning computer, so give me some time and I can teach it to smoke the tires.

Max towing capacity 15700 lbs with F350 singe rear wheel to 24,600 lbs with the F550.

 rear leaf springs are 8 inches longer

 ice storm San Antonio larger radiator and intercooler had to be mounted at a slant to fit under the hood.

This pictures show allot. Major changes in the front of the Super Duties. The extra framework surrounding the engine compartment as well as the lowered from frame section for impacting small cars instead of driving on top of them. The fan is larger, the fan shroud is attached to the engine instead of the radiator for a closer tolerance and more air. larger water pump.
Finally the primary fuel filter has a water drain lever. The 6.0L Power Stroke started the two fuel filter system, with the primary fuel filter along the frame. You had to unscrew a 6 mm bolt to drain the water. In Colorado, we have water condensation in the winter and the fuel filter needs the water drained every month.

 cat and particulate regen 

dash has fewer places to store things, a good thing, my dash is cluttered with junk, wonder where it goes in a collision? But Ford added more storage in the door where it should be.
Nice cockpit. with storage bin. This King Ranch interior has the Tow Command and the auxiliary upfitter switches. Honeycomb inside vents with similar dash and trim as the F150.
This is cool, Schefenecker does it again, the tow mirrors power fold and power telescope.

 the grill now attaches to the hood like the F150 with the opening at the bumper. This helps quiet the diesel and makes it easier to tighten the hood lines.



 33 % larger radiator. Air to air charger (intercooler) goes clear down into bumper Class V receiver hitch with a 2 inch reducer from 2.5 inch. The 4 prong plug has a nice spring loaded cover.

 plenty of plumbing with two turbo’s and two EGR’s

 taught the truck to do river crossings 

F450 Pickup Truck

Finally with a bed, the F450 has the front section of the F450, rear frame of a reinforced F350 dually. This allows the 8 ft. dually bed. Ford’s new 2008 F450 pickup is ready to go with a factory 8 ft. bed instead of an unfinished Cab & Chassis that had to have a bed added or as part of a conversion from aftermarket companies. The F450 pickup has 8 inch longer rear leaf springs to improve the ride. The F450/550 cab and cassis model is still a narrow flat frame built for upfitters to add to add flatbeds or utility beds.

Towed a 20,000 lb RV 5th wheel with the F450 with ease.

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