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News For 07 Trucks

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2007 Trucks will be out late with major changes.

News For 07 Trucks

News For 07 Trucks

News For 07 Trucks. Had lunch with the General Director-Truck Marketing for Chevrolet today. Didn’t learn a thing. You’ve probably heard of the new emissions going into effect Jan. 07 for diesels. Gas stations should all be switched over to low sulfur fuel by this summer. But with the new emissions, comes big changes to diesel engines, catalytic converters and heat shielding. And we know that means higher priced diesel pickup trucks. At the Detroit Auto Show last month, couldn’t get anyone to spill the beans on what changes to diesels, frames, sheet metal for 2007. Lots of speculation and I couldn’t even get a rumor from any of the PR, marketing or engineering. Usually they will give you a rumor to speculate on to gauge public reaction. But it points to higher prices for 2007 trucks.

At the Detroit show, Mercedes showed some of the emission changes to the 07 Mercedes diesel car, with 5 cats. Hope not 5 catalytic converters on trucks. The RV industry is nervous coming up with 150 lb mufflers being developed as after treaters for exhaust emissions. Imagine the heat that will generate.

Will Ford go to a boxed frame on the 07 Super Duty and will we see the twin turbo 6.4L PS? Will the GM 07 truck look like the 07 Tahoe that’s out now? Will Dodge make a long bed Mega-Cab? Yesterday at the Chicago Auto Show, Toyota showed off the 07 Tundra with 5.7L gas V-8, 6-speed auto, 10,000 lb towing capacity, 3 cabs and 3 box lengths.

It also sounds like the 07 truck models will be coming out later than usual this year. So 06 trucks could run out before enough 07’s are on the ground in normal numbers. In my opinion, the truck that will disappear the fastest will be GM Duramax in HD 2500 and 3500. GM usually doesn’t build enough anyway and runs out in December, but this year with the new 6-speed Allison Auto and 360 hp, 650 torque Duramax, this will be the truck hardest to find in the fall.

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